Moldy Twix Just Accidentally Became Crumbl Cookies Flavor Of The Week

Known for its pink boxes and an endless list of extravagant new flavors, Crumbl Cookies has gone viral in the scene of Instagrammable baked goods in recent years with its thick, creatively-topped cookies. However, not everything is sugar and spice for the chain. Recently, a social media user claimed to have found a moldy topping on their cookie from one Crumbl location. The chain may have a lot of flavors, but this wasn't supposed to be on the menu.

When a Redditor alleged to have found a piece of moldy Twix on their Crumbl cookie, some were quick to share their shock. The post, ominously titled "Beware of Moldy Twix," featured a photo of a caramel shortbread cookie that shows one of the pieces of Twix bar topping tinged with unappetizing blue-green spots. 

Common Crumbl cookie flavors include milk chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, and cookies & cream, though the store has become known for more extravagant rotating weekly menu options like lemon bar, cinnamon roll, strawberry cheesecake, the all-new hummingbird cake, and the Twix-topped caramel shortbread cookies. The latter option has a sugar cookie base with caramel, milk chocolate, and crunchy Twix toppings. It's also the only flavor this week that uses Twix bars as toppings.

The alleged moldy candy was only found at one location

While some Redditors expressed their disgust, others worried about the dangers of contamination. "I wouldn't eat any of the Twix stuff from that store," one person warned. Another wrote, "I've never seen mold on Twix candy. This is gross and I'd wonder what else is going on in their supply area and kitchen." The original poster shared that the location they got their cookie from was in Mishawaka, Indiana. Others speculated about how the Twix candy could have gotten moldy, with one user claiming that it might have been caused by cooler condensation and cross-contamination. While Crumbl cookies are baked fresh in-house every day, toppings like candy and spreads are stored separately.

Beware of Moldy Twix
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The caramel shortbread ft. Twix flavor has been reintroduced several times, including in June of 2022 and again in April of 2023 after popular demand. "This is literally my favorite cookie ever, thank you for bringing it back it is the highlight of the week," one Instagram user wrote on Crumbl's post announcing the cookie's return. 

Customers have expressed frustrations and problems with Crumbl Cookies before, namely for issues relating to delivery, and the chain got into hot water for violating child labor laws in several states earlier this year. However, this appears to be one of the first times Crumbl has been accused of selling moldy products.