Pumpkin Pie Pop-Tart Copycats Put Halloween On Your Breakfast Table

Once summer starts winding down, fall descends upon us with sweets decked out in pumpkin spice, sugar, and cinnamon in tow. When we think about the proper enjoyment of pumpkin-flavored sweets, two meals come to mind: dessert and breakfast (yes, dessert is a meal). Legendary breakfast purveyor Kellogg's has also joined in on the festivities with its limited-edition fall Pop-Tart flavor, pumpkin pie. However, if you are passionate about homemade goodies and the spooky season spirit, you'll be pleased to learn you can replicate these delicious breakfast staples in your kitchen.

Making homemade Pop-Tarts might sound ambitious, but our copycat recipe doesn't require any tough-to-find ingredients you wouldn't already have in stock besides pumpkin purée. Additionally, entire trays full of pumpkin pie Pop-Tarts can be made and baked ahead of time, which means all you have to do when you're ready to eat them is pop a couple in the toaster to warm up. These treats are a fun way to put some Halloween spirit on the breakfast table and will quickly become a favorite among the pumpkin pie lovers in your family.

How to make copycat pumpkin pie Pop-Tarts

The basic process of making homemade pumpkin pie Pop-Tarts can be broken down into four stages: prep, assembly, baking, and decoration. The pumpkin purée filling can be made well ahead of time; the pastry dough is a simple combination of flour, butter, sugar, salt, and milk. After chilling the dough, roll it out to a ¼-inch thickness and cut it into the desired shapes. The classic Pop-Tart rectangle is a great canvas for decoration, but don't forget that these are seasonal specialties! Experiment with triangle shapes to decorate like witches' hats or even ovals, which can be transformed into skulls and jack-o'-lanterns.

After baking the tarts plain with egg wash, a brown sugar glaze is typically added to give them the signature Pop-Tart sheen after they cool. This step is a perfect opportunity to work in food coloring to add a fantastic general appeal to these breakfast treats. Check out the full recipe for our homemade pumpkin pie Pop-Tarts, and have fun making them your own! And, if you're wondering what to do with any extra pumpkin purée, try spreading it onto pancakes with a couple of knobs of maple butter.