A Waffle Iron Is All You Need To Switch Up Grilled Cheese

A grilled cheese checks all the right boxes: It is affordable, requires only a few ingredients, and is easy to make. Even better, grilled cheese is comfort food at its best. When this sandwich is made correctly, it has a crisp, buttery outside — elevated by the Maillard Reaction — and an irresistibly gooey interior. When you chomp down, you get a flourish of satisfying flavors and textures that make eating this simple staple so rewarding. But there's a way to make it even better.

A waffle iron is a countertop appliance that can add a splash of whimsy to your grilled cheese. Its trademark grid pattern provides a slight twist away from the norm, which can make eating a grilled cheese an adventure. Each bite is a surprise. Sometimes, it's thick and crispy. Other times, it's thin and chewy. Eating a grilled cheese sandwich provides a different experience each time and can transform the mundane into the magnificent.

Ways to make your waffle iron grilled cheese even better

The most important part of making a satisfying grilled cheese is the cooking. If the cheese hasn't thoroughly melted or the bread is burnt, you won't have the best eating experience. A grilled cheese sandwich is one of those foods that is best when you cook it low and slow. After all, the cheese needs to melt without burning the bread.

Another trick to getting the most rewarding meal from bread, cheese, and butter is remembering why you gravitated toward this item. Choosing a grilled cheese sandwich may mean you need some nutritional comfort, so don't hold back. Give your body what it's asking for, and use plenty of cheese and butter. 

One last tip is to be adventurous. While not every cheese melts, many types do. However, each has unique characteristics. For instance, Swiss cheese does not have the same melting properties as American cheese. And if you want to lend your waffle sandwich a boost, we suggest using more than one type of cheese.