Costco's Ribs Are So Good They Even Outshine Its Iconic Rotisserie Chicken

Do you know what's better than buying plain pork spare ribs raw from the supermarket? Buying perfectly pre-seasoned raw spare ribs from Costco. Do you know what's even better than that? Buying those same delicious Costco ribs pre-cooked and ready to eat. Cooking ribs at home can be as easy as setting and forgetting in the oven, but some days, the aggravation of extra dishes and preheating is just too much. The luxury of dropping a rack of delicious pre-cooked ribs on the dinner table after a long day is one of the many conveniences Costco can provide.

However, when people think of Costco, pre-cooked ribs are not as likely to pop into their minds as other classics like hot dogs, rotisserie chicken, or even Kirkland sweaters. For those in the know, these ribs are worth grabbing from the hot-food section, even if you have to wait in a line of eager rib lovers for 30 minutes like the shoppers in this TikTok video. Did you see how many rotisserie chickens were sitting on those shelves? It's not often something outshines the beloved Kirkland bird.

How to enjoy Costco ribs the next day

Sometimes, you can't eat ready-made ribs the same day, or you plan to make them your easy potluck contribution for the coming weekend — and that's totally fine. All you have to do to reheat these ribs is warm them on the grill or in an oven until they reach the USDA's recommended internal temperature for reheating leftovers of 165 degrees Fahrenheit. 


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And while they were pre-seasoned when cooked, they could still benefit from some light saucing. There are some amazing barbecue sauces on the market for you to try at your next cookout, or you could try an easy homemade barbecue sauce recipe. No matter what you choose, make sure to have some barbecue sauce on hand as an option for your barbecue fans. Even the most expertly cooked ribs are subject to some drying out during the reheating process. Keep them succulent with the sauce of your choice, and watch them disappear.