Make Garlic Bread The Star Of Your Next Breakfast Sandwich

While garlic bread is often eaten as a side, it also adds a mouthful of flavor to sandwiches. Whether used to build a steak sandwich or an Italian sub, garlic bread can bring any combination of meats and cheeses to the next level. It also works surprisingly well as a base for breakfast sandwiches. Although garlic bread may not be the first bread option you would think to associate with eggs and bacon, it ramps up the flavors of classic savory breakfast items, resulting in a unique breakfast sandwich you can eat on the go.

Breakfast sandwiches can be made with bakery-bought garlic loaves or homemade garlic bread; both enable you to make this morning handheld in bulk. If you're going the homemade route, consider starting with a longer loaf, like a baguette or Italian bread. Mix garlic, butter, salt, and fresh parsley in a bowl. Next, toast your bread or bake it in the oven. After it's warm and golden brown, coat the bread with the garlic butter mixture. From there, it's time to choose your breakfast ingredients to act as the filling — and the possible combinations open the door for ample experimentation.

There are many ways to make garlic bread breakfast sandwiches

There is no shortage of ingredients that can be used to make a breakfast sandwich. Fortunately, most of them pair well with garlic bread. Eggs are a given, but the possible combinations of meats, veggies, and cheeses are practically endless. A standard bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich is the simplest way to go. You can play up the cheese by pairing classic mozzarella with garlic bread and eggs, which builds on garlic bread's Italian roots. However, mozzarella is far from the only cheese you can use to optimize a breakfast sandwich. For example, provolone, Gouda, Monterey jack, and cheddar are all good alternatives.

For meat options, bacon can easily be swapped for sausage or ham. Turn a ham and cheese sandwich into a morning meal by adding scrambled eggs and bookending your ingredients with garlic bread. You can also forego meat entirely to focus on the eggs and cheese. If you want a substantial but still meatless breakfast sandwich, veggies bring new flavors and textures, though some mesh better with garlic than others. Tomatoes are a safe bet, as they're often served alongside garlic bread in Italian restaurants. Avocados also taste great on nearly any toast and, as such, have become a staple of many breakfast recipes.

Whatever recipe you land on, garlic bread breakfast sandwiches will help you start your day right. Plus, with fresh bread and custom seasoning, your homemade creation will definitely beat the frozen options on the market.