What All-Dressed Potato Chips Actually Are

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You've heard of getting a hot dog with "the works," so why not add a little bit of everything to what you eat with your hot dog as well? This is exactly the idea behind all-dressed potato chips, and if you haven't tried this extra-flavorful, crispy snack, then now may be the time to elevate your potato chip-eating game.

All-dressed chips are one of the most unique chip flavors ever to grace store shelves, and they're ideal for fans of the everything bagel and folks who can't choose just one chip flavor. "All dressed" means chips with a bit of everything. What does that actually mean? Well, this isn't necessarily exactly the same throughout all brands of all-dressed chips. Still, if you can think of a chip flavor, there's a chance that you'll find said flavor mixed into this unusual chip dressing. This includes ketchup, barbecue, salt and vinegar, sour cream and onion, and other any other typical potato chip topping that you can think of. 

How to get all-dressed potato chips

If you've never heard of all-dressed chips before, that's likely because they're on the newer side in terms of potato chip flavors. All-dressed chips originally hail from Canada. They weren't available in the U.S. at all until 2015, when All-Dressed Ruffles became available. This delightful chip has since become one of the country's top ten Ruffles flavors, proving that it is definitely worth the hype as far as consumers are concerned.

Ruffles' All-Dressed chips can be found in stores, or if you really want to stock up, you can order them online from the Ruffles websiteAldi has brought a version of this Canadian-classic chip to grocery shelves, as does Whole Foods. Humpty Dumpty and Old Dutch have their own varieties as well. As the unique and especially intense flavor has become more and more popular, more brands are offering their own versions, so you're likely to be able to find a bag in your local grocery store. Next time you're choosing which potato chip flavor to indulge in, you may just want to opt for all of them in one single chip.