The Go-To Steak Cut At (Almost) Every Hibachi Restaurant

Grabbing dinner at a hibachi restaurant can be equally entertaining and delicious. It's hard to beat the experience of enjoying hot food you just saw theatrically prepared in front of you, including mains like chicken, shrimp, or steak. When it comes to the latter protein, there's one cut that dominates the menu in most cases.

We're talking about sirloin — top sirloin in particular. This desirable cut comes from the hindquarters of the cow, behind the ribs, and in front of the round. It's naturally lean, with an intense beefy flavor that many steak lovers prefer. It's also well suited to typical hibachi settings, where it's cut into smaller pieces and cooked quickly over high heat with relatively little seasoning. In addition, sirloin provides a great balance of quality and price, making it ideal for more affordable steak dinners at hibachi restaurants. These factors also make it an excellent choice for whipping up quick weeknight dinners at home.

Alternatives and additions to hibachi sirloin

While sirloin may be the most common cut for those looking to enjoy steak during their hibachi experience, it's often not the only one. Diners at higher-end teppanyaki restaurants may also have the option of upgrading to filet mignon, one of the leanest and most tender cuts of beef. However, they should remember that filets are typically smaller than sirloin and can be considerably pricier.

The small, perfectly seared pieces of steak at hibachi spots are often served with equally flavor-packed condiments, like the creamy, zesty yum yum sauce or a simple reduction of soy sauce, mirin, and honey. Paired with fried rice and sauteed vegetables, it's a tasty, quick, and complete meal that highlights this desirable cut of beef.

If all this steak talk has your stomach rumbling, it may be time to take a trip to one of the absolute best hibachi restaurants in the U.S.