Cheetos' 75th Birthday Cake Features (What Else) The Fan-Favorite Snack

Cheetos celebrated its 75th birthday with a chic birthday bash hosted by the king of smooth, Chester the Cheetah. Amid New York City's high-profile Fashion Week, Chester (with the help of a few ultra cool friends) supplied fans and VIP guests with a night of fun, fashion, and — of course – Cheetos.

To mark the occasion, Chester and the Cheetos gang recruited James Beard Award-winning pastry chef and Milk Bar owner Christina Tosi to whip up a Cheetos-inspired birthday cake. Known for her wacky creative genius, Tosi was the perfect woman for the job, and boy, did she deliver. The cake, which took Tosi and her team four months to develop, features several layers of Milk Bar's signature vanilla sponge cake with rainbow sprinkles and bits of crunchy Cheetos sprinkled throughout, which are separated by vanilla frosting and artfully infused orange Cheetle dust frosting.

Since Chester knows being inclusive is cool, those who couldn't attend the New York-based shindig can purchase Tosi's limited-edition Cheetos birthday cake from Milk Bar's website and at flagship stores. The 6-inch cake, which serves eight to 12 people, costs $62. A portion of the proceeds go to The Birthday Party Project, a non-profit organization that gifts children experiencing homelessness the birthday parties they deserve.

Christina Tosi's love letter to Cheetos

Celebrated for her ability to make unlikely combinations taste effortlessly meant to be, Milk Bar owner and chef Christina Tosi jumped at the opportunity to create a birthday cake with the powerful punch of Cheetle dust. A lifelong lover of Cheetos, the task was more than work — it was personal. "One of my dirty dessert secrets for years has been taking a tub of creamy, dreamy vanilla frosting and dipping Cheetos in it," Tosi told Mashed in an exclusive interview. The crunchy snack was even her most coveted pregnancy craving! When Frito-Lay asked her to make a cake for Cheetos' monumental 75th birthday, she knew her "dirty little dessert secret" would be the perfect starting point. 

Tosi's creation is filled with thoughtful little surprises, like layers of Cheeto crumbs hidden between the cake and cheddar cheese-infused vanilla icing. "Literally, the secret weapon is Cheetle, which is the secret ingredient of all things Cheeto," said Tosi. Beyond that, she claimed "imagination and creativity" are two other essential ingredients. 

While a vanilla birthday cake flavored with Cheetos may sound a little out there for less adventurous eaters, Tosi explained how cheese and dessert are a natural pairing. "With Cheetos, this Cheetle, because it's dairy ... it's so close to sweetness," she told Mashed. Don't believe her? Try it out for yourself. The limited edition cakes are available at Milk Bar's website and flagship stores beginning September 7.