How Many Drops Are In A Bottle Of Tabasco Sauce?

There are countless hot sauces out there, though few are as immediately recognizable in the bottle and on your taste buds as Tabasco. But even the most dedicated pepperheads may still wonder about just how much mileage they'll get out of those iconic tiny bottles. Fortunately, there's a relatively definitive answer to this common question.

According to leaders at McIlhenny Co., which has produced Tabasco since it was invented in the 1860s by founder Edmund McIlhenny, there are 720 drops in every classic 2-ounce bottle. The bottle is designed to closely resemble the cologne-style bottles that McIlhenny first packaged his sauce in. 

While the 2-ounce bottle is the most common, Tabasco also comes in 5-ounce and 12-ounce options, along with a mini 1/8-ounce version. Assuming the same ratio of drops to an ounce, 5-ounce bottles will contain roughly 1,800 drops, 12-ounce bottles 4,320, and the mini 1/8 ounce just 45 drops.

Not an exact science

McIlhenny Co. maintains the 720 number is a precise count, made possible through unique bottles designed especially for them with consistent yet tiny openings to deliver the perfect flavor boost.

However, it's natural to expect some variation in actual everyday use. For one, the size of the drops can be affected by the force and angle the sauce is applied. In addition, over time, the vinegar that makes up the main liquid component of Tabasco sauce can slowly evaporate, reducing the number of drops available. There are also other minor factors that can make a difference, like temperature, which can marginally affect how freely the sauce flows, and even built-up residue on the nozzle, reducing drop size.

If you've used up your 720 drops, don't just automatically toss it out, even if it's pretty much empty. Try out this hack to make dressing out of an almost empty hot sauce bottle.