Logan's Roadhouse Vs Texas Roadhouse: Which Is Better?

In a world of roadhouse restaurants, Texas Roadhouse and Logan's Roadhouse remain two of the most popular names in the industry. Customers flock to these dining establishments to experience good eats, good music, and, hopefully, good service. But which of the two truly reigns supreme when it comes to the best overall experience?

We've broken down the many aspects we know patrons like you consider before choosing to dine at a particular restaurant while comparing both Logan's Roadhouse and Texas Roadhouse to one another to see how they fare. We've looked into everything from factors that might affect your pocketbook to how the different types of food served at each measure up against our expectations, as well as the expectations of others.

Saddle up and hold onto your taste buds — we're about to rustle up all the mouthwatering details in true Wild-West fashion, arming you with flavor facts for your showdown between Logan's and Texas Roadhouse.


When it comes to impeccable service, you can expect Logan's and Texas Roadhouse to differ depending on which location you visit. Like all chain restaurants, each individual location can be a hit or miss so it's nearly impossible to say which restaurant is truly "best" in the service category.

Having said this, a peek at Yelp reviews for each restaurant in varying locations seems to indicate that, more often than not, Texas Roadhouse comes out on top in terms of service. Reviewers claim that food arrives quickly, any mistakes made are handled promptly, and, most times, Texas Roadhouse tends to get you seated quickly ... or as quickly as it can, anyway.

On the flip side, some Logan's Roadhouse locations have frequent complaints about how long orders and drinks can sometimes take before arriving, and one customer even complained that their server took a long time to grab practically anything they requested. With that said, we understand that this could happen virtually anywhere, including Texas Roadhouse, since qualms like these typically depend on the staff, the volume of customers, and who's running the shift that night. So, we'd say you can expect both Texas Roadhouse and Logan's to have their pros and cons when it comes to the service department.


Texas Roadhouse and ‌Logan's Roadhouse both feature a Western-style vibe with a laid-back environment and intriguing decor. Don't expect to have to dress up at either joint — both are totally casual places where you can let your hair down, grab a beer, sit back, and relax.

With that said, you can expect Texas Roadhouse to be a bit more exciting, so to speak. In our experience, though casual, Logan's Roadhouse may or may not be as crowded as Texas Roadhouse and might not have the music blaring quite as loud, either. Texas Roadhouse features many servers bustling about from table-to-table with lots of loud whoopin', hollerin' patrons stuffed in booths with narrow aisles, all enjoying food and having a good time.

We aren't saying you won't find that at Logan's Roadhouse, but in our experience, Logan's Roadhouse is a tad quieter and more serene. That said, you can expect both restaurants to have a similar vibe when it comes to Western decor, music, and general atmosphere.


We don't know about you, but these days, pricing plays a very important role in our decision-making when it comes to figuring out where to dine. As a result, we feel it necessary to inform you that both Logan's Roadhouse and Texas Roadhouse locations have experienced price hikes in recent years that have left some guests reeling. We're willing to guess this isn't surprising anyone given the general inflation seen across the nation, but you should take note that Texas Roadhouse does tend to come out a little cheaper when you compare some of its similar items to the menu at Logan's Roadhouse.

For example, as of the time of publication, you may be able to snag an 8-ounce sirloin steak from Texas Roadhouse for about $15 but at Logan's Roadhouse, it may cost a little over $17. Alternatively, you can order a slab of ribs at Texas Roadhouse for $22 but at Logan's Roadhouse, it may run you closer to $26. Prices vary depending on location, so you may not expect to see the exact prices quoted here reflected on your local steakhouse menu. Still, it's worth noting that Texas Roadhouse often comes out slightly cheaper than Logan's Roadhouse in relation to certain food items.


Hmmm ... rolls. Let's be honest, sometimes we anticipate these delectable delights at our favorite steakhouse even more eagerly than the steaks themselves. Texas Roadhouse and Logan's Roadhouse both sport amazing, soft, and delicious rolls. What's more, is that both restaurants advertise that their rolls are made from scratch. This makes us even more excited about filling up off of these babies, even if it does mean we have less room for the main entrée we supposedly came for.

So, does either restaurant dish up better rolls than the other? Not really. When it comes to the rolls themselves, both serve up awesomely fluffy and comforting buttery rolls, although we must admit that Texas Roadhouse's cinnamon butter is, essentially, its cherry on top. Logan's offers regular butter, which is good and fine, but it's Texas Roadhouse's cinnamon butter that really makes us swoon.

Either way, know that both eateries offer deliciously crave-worthy rolls before each meal that are enough to make a visit to either restaurant worth the trip. We're willing to bet you've already sampled the rolls at one of these locations, but if you haven't, be sure you do soon.


Now, for the main entrée. After all, both Texas Roadhouse and Logan Roadhouse feature steak as the star of the show, so it's only fair that we compare them. Believe it or not, both restaurants have lovely steak options, with offerings that vary to suit every taste bud. Still, we find that Texas Roadhouse overall seems to have the best reviews for steak in terms of quality and flavor.

While Logan's Roadhouse offers tasty steak options like Maui skewers, ribeye, and sirloin, it also receives reviews that are subpar in terms of execution. One reviewer claims their steak came out so well done it literally had "ashes" coming off it. Umm ... yikes. What we can say, however, is that Logan's Country Fried Steak is, apparently, the cream of the crop according to some reviews. Thus, if you're ever in the mood for a non-traditional yet scrumptious steak at Logan's, the Country Fried Steak might just be the one to pick.

In contrast, Texas Roadhouse seems to consistently dish up steaks that are melt-in-your-mouth tender and usually cooked to perfection. Even if there is a problem, the staff seem to fix any issues relatively quickly. That's not to say that you won't experience the same at Logan's Roadhouse, but much of the reviews we see tend to err in favor of Texas Roadhouse when it comes to quality and expectation in terms of steak.


Mmm, appetizers; no meal is complete without sampling at least one, right? Both Texas Roadhouse and Logan's Roadhouse have their share of delicious appetizers, but one features more traditional options than the other.

First up, Texas Roadhouse tends to offer appetizers that revolve around its Western-style theme. It offers spicy jalapeño "Rattlesnake Bites," onion-y "Cactus Blossoms," and fried pickles, just to name a few. Logan's Roadhouse has similar options, like the breaded pickles, but also gives patrons a chance to sample more traditional appetizer fare, as well. Logan's nachos and cheese, traditional wings, and onion rings are great examples of menu items we'd expect to see at joints like these, and we're sure glad Logan's offers them.

Still hungry? You'll also find that Texas Roadhouse and Logan's Roadhouse overlap when it comes to serving other crowd-pleasing favorites, such as cheesy fries, boneless wings, and potato skins (as of the time of this written post). So, when it boils down to which of these appetizers might suit your fancy, it really just depends on what you're in the mood for at the time.


‌Ribs are one of those things you either do right or wrong; there is no in-between. When it comes to the ribs at Texas Roadhouse and Logan's Roadhouse, we have to say the differences are startling, with one restaurant coming out slightly ahead in terms of which of the two is better.

At Logan's, you can expect to get a pound of slow-cooked ribs smothered in BBQ sauce for the ultimate sticky-sweet experience. Pair this with your choice of two sides and a drink, and you're headed for serious flavor territory. At Texas Roadhouse, you can find a similar deal with the restaurant offering both half-rack and full-rack options, as well as ribs doused in a "unique seasoning blend" all before being brushed with a phenomenal BBQ sauce.

So, where do the two differ? As mentioned, it appears that Texas Roadhouse offers both half-rack and full-rack portions, while Logan's only offers the 1-pound size. In addition, there have been a couple of reviews that seem to indicate that Logan's ribs come out burnt (or shall we say "charred"), which apparently left a bad taste in a few mouths. Texas Roadhouse, on the other hand, has an impressive rib game, which surprised us given its chain restaurant status. All in all, we think that if it's a really good rib dinner you're looking to snag, Texas Roadhouse is the one most likely to satisfy your craving.


Salads are seemingly a quintessential staple when it comes to dining at a steakhouse, although we understand that it's usually more of a side dish for most people than a main entrée. If you're looking for that "wow" factor when it comes to whetting your appetite with leafy greens right before your big meal, take heart; both Logan's and Texas Roadhouse locations have plenty of options to fulfill your needs.

Starting with Logan's Roadhouse, you can expect to see about seven options for salads if you include the two side salads. Choose between a garden or Caesar salad for a little snack before the main course, or dig into a hearty steak, chicken, or salmon salad if you plan to make your salad a solo affair. At Texas Roadhouse, expect to get similar options with all dressings made from scratch and your choice between the side salads, chicken salad, two salmon salads, and yes, a steak salad. As of the time of publication, Texas Roadhouse had about eight salads total, offering one salad more than Logan's Roadhouse.

So, what's the consensus? They're both really good, but we absolutely love Texas Roadhouse salads. Their dressings are perfect, the croutons are spectacular, and the cheese is shredded thick. Logan's Roadhouse salads are tasty, too, no doubt, so feel free to take your pick when it comes to choosing between these crunchy and delicious steakhouse salad grabs.


‌Seafood is one of those things you might actually look forward to sampling at a steakhouse. Though steakhouses are primarily focused on, well, steak, seafood is often a welcome component and is sometimes even served right alongside their meatier and beefier steak companion. So, what exactly are the seafood options at each location?

Actually, Logan's Roadhouse has a bit more variety when it comes to seafood compared to Texas Roadhouse restaurants. At present, Logan's Roadhouse offers its customers about six total seafood entrées, not including the salmon salad we mentioned earlier. Choose between delicious options like mesquite-grilled salmon, bran cakes, shrimp, battered fish, and so much more. As for Texas Roadhouse, the options aren't bad; it's just limited when compared to Logan's Roadhouse. Take your pick between fried catfish, grilled salmon, and grilled shrimp. The menu also features two different salmon salad offerings for those who may be in the mood for a little extra roughage with their meat.

As far as which is best, we'd say they both taste pretty darn good. Take your pick from more options at Logan's but there are still solid entrées at Texas Roadhouse, even if the menu is limited. It's a win-win.


Hungry yet? If so, you'll be pleased to know that Texas Roadhouse and Logan's Roadhouse both offer up the goods when it comes to dishing out delicious and creative chicken options that are sure to make your mouth water.

Starting with Logan's Roadhouse, expect to get a variety of chicken options, including traditional boneless wing varieties, all with several sauces to choose from to spice your wings. The restaurant chain also offers country buttermilk chicken, teriyaki chicken, chicken tenders, and yes, even grilled chicken for those of you who plan on eating light. We love the sundry options included on this menu, especially for those avoiding steak or who get a kick out of sampling fresh new flavors with each subsequent restaurant visit. 

On the flip side, Texas Roadhouse offers equally tempting options with country-fried chicken, portobello mushroom chicken, smothered chicken, and BBQ chicken for revving up your cravings. These options also make it so that choosing between a steak dinner and a less traditional chicken option becomes a bit trickier than anticipated.  Also, we're happy to report that both restaurants have even more chicken options on their menu than what's mentioned here, so be sure to give each entrée a once-over before making a decision on which delicious option you'll settle on. We're sure you'll love it, no matter at which establishment you choose to dine.


What's a good steakhouse restaurant without a good drink to go with it, right? Both Texas Roadhouse and Logan's Roadhouse have teasingly tasty options for drinks, with Logan's Roadhouse even offering up $5 swigs at participating locations. On top of that, fruity concoctions at Logan's Roadhouse have a cult-like following, with several people on Reddit seemingly desperate to find recipes for making certain drinks found exclusively at this roadhouse. Expect a variety of sips including "Roadhouse Tea," wine by the glass, fruity margaritas, and more at your local Logan's Roadhouse.

With that said, it isn't as though Texas Roadhouse is a complete dud when it comes to drinks. It, too, offers tantalizing options, with fun drinks like Long Island Iced Tea, Texas Peach Fuzz, and many more to pair with your no-doubt already delicious appetizers and main entrées.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, both Texas Roadhouse and Logan's serve beer and wine. Drink responsibly!

Overall, both are pretty solid steakhouses ...

With all things considered, we must say, both Texas Roadhouse and Logan's Roadhouse are trustworthy steakhouse choices. Both offer exceptional quality meals with options abounding across the entirety of each menu.

With that said, we'd like to highlight the fact that, unlike Logan's Roadhouse, Texas Roadhouse makes the claim that its food is made completely from scratch – including the bacon, dressing, and croutons. We also know that Texas Roadhouse tends to get phenomenal reviews in terms of food, and consistently delivers exactly what patrons are looking for — good eating at an affordable price. 

Nevertheless, Logan's has plenty of strengths, too — some of which may even outshine Texas Roadhouse in a few areas. From the tasty $5 drinks to the impeccable appetizer and seafood menu, Logan's Roadhouse gives its fans plenty of reason to check it out, even over its ever-popular Texas-themed competitor. Just remember that both Texas Roadhouse and Logan's Roadhouse locations will vary in terms of service, atmosphere, and pricing, and therefore, your experiences (and even menus) may vary from location to location. All in all, which is truly "best" between the two will be up to you. We say pay a visit to both and let your appetite decide.