Why Adam Richman Doesn't Love Cupped Pepperoni On Pizza – Exclusive

Nearly everyone loves pepperoni pizza, but some people are picky about their pepperoni. For many connoisseurs, only pepperoni that stays flat will do. Other pizza lovers prefer the type that curls up at the edges and gets crispy in the oven, creating a little cup of pepperoni grease that aficionados lovingly refer to as a "grease chalice."

We spoke to TV host Adam Richman in an exclusive interview about his work with Hormel, promoting the brand's Pepperoni Pizza Pop-Up Shop, and we knew he'd come prepared with pepperoni opinions. We asked the life-long New Yorker and pizza fan if he cared about the cupped versus flat pepperoni debate, and he said he was a flat man all the way (at least on pizza). "I like the cups from an aesthetic grease-chalice standpoint, but for a pizza topping, I don't need to be playing Hungry, Hungry Hippos, trying to catch the stuff falling off my pizza." Rather than chasing unruly pepperoni cups around his pizza, he eats them first, then moves on to the now-pepperoni-less slice. In contrast, he enjoys the even pepperoni distribution you can achieve with flat pepperoni. "I like flat, so you get a little bit in each bite, and you get a little crisp around the edges."

Richman isn't totally against cupped pepperoni

While Richman thinks flat pepperoni is a superior pizza topping, he still enjoys the flavor of cupped pepperoni. He gave us a wacky idea for eating this style of sausage. "Serve pepperoni cups on their own. Just serve cups, people. Have everyone come around, do a shot of grease, and eat the pepperoni cup."

As a pepperoni booster, Richman is happy there's enough knowledge out there to make debates about the minutiae of pepperoni possible. "Even the fact that you can say to me, 'Cups or flats?' We can talk about things like that, like pepperoni connoisseurs."

Speaking of being a pepperoni connoisseur, you can ensure you're buying your preferred type of pepperoni in the store if you know what to look for. If, like Richman, you're trying to avoid pepperoni that curls in the oven, stay away from brands that stuff the meat into casings, as this encourages cupping.

The Hormel Pepperoni Pizza Pop-Up Shop is selling pepperoni-themed wearables, home goods, bedroom gear, and more for as long as supplies last.