Trader Joe's Witches Brew Has Customers Under Its Spell

When it comes to Trader Joe's, there's never a shortage of new and intriguing seasonal goodies showing up on its shelves each year. From pumpkin-flavored everything to hearty soups galore, finding all your fall favorites at Trader Joe's is always a treat. It's an especially happy occasion to discover that something delicious yet short-lived is making a comeback, like the beloved Trader Joe's Witches Brew mulled wine.

Fans of the original spiced red flavor, made with aromatic fall spices, can also try two other autumn-inspired concoctions made by the winemakers at Michigan's Leelanau Cellars. Ginger, cloves, and apple are what you'll taste while you sip on the tangy pumpkin spice variety, while the spiced apple one features notes of cinnamon and brown sugar. If you're able to grab a few bottles from Trader Joe's this year, you have the option to drink it chilled, at room temperature, or serve it piping hot on chilly nights. Each beverage has its own ghoulish label, matching the spooky aesthetic of any Halloween-themed party.

Witches Brew seems like it's slowly become one of those Trader Joe's foods with a cult following. In fact, this particular autumnal spirit causes a lot of talk each year, and the pumpkin spice flavor even appeared on the Today Show. New fans of Witches Brew, who find it at Trader Joe's, might be surprised to know the brand has been brewed, spiced, and enjoyed since 1997.

You can find Witches Brew sold in 35 states nationwide

Long before Trader Joe's began stocking its stores with Witches Brew mulled wine, Leelanau Cellars had been selling it since 1997. It's had decades to become a "Michigan thing," and now customers in even more states have come to love its taste. On TikTok, fans of Witches Brew have a lot to say about the ways they enjoy it every fall — some claiming they can't start the season properly without that first sip. "Heat it over the stove with oranges and cinnamon sticks [and] put it in a mug instead of a glass," one TikTok user suggests, among others who also like it best when warmed up. One wine-tasting duo on Facebook even taste-tested the Witches Brew pumpkin spice flavor and compared it to other similarly fall-themed drinks, dubbing it "fall in a cup" and giving it the highest score possible. 

Witches Brew seems like a great choice for those who love a sweeter red wine, making it easy to say "Drink up, witches" and sip it without much trace of a bitter aftertaste. The best part about Witches Brew is that even if Trader Joe's doesn't have the flavor you're looking for, or when it inevitably rotates its seasonally offered foods and drinks, you can still order from Leelanau Cellars to keep the spirit of fall alive year-round.