Newlyweds Served McDonald's At The Reception, But For Some Reason Didn't Include Fries

Your wedding day should be all about you, so why not serve your favorite food? This is what newlyweds Ophélie and Thomas Billaudeau had in mind when they planned their big day. The couple tied the knot in Beauvais, France, on September 16, 2023, and they decided not to go with traditional wedding catering for their event. Instead, they opted for their favorite food that they'd previously joked about having at their wedding – McDonald's.

McDonald's weddings have been a match made in heaven for a long time and plenty of people have celebrated their nuptials in their favorite fast food joint or had McDonald's cater. In early 2023, a couple ordered a massive McDonald's order for their wedding, and TikTok gave them plenty of criticism on behalf of the drive-thru staff. Still, as everything gets more and more expensive — and weddings are the most expensive of all — it's safe to assume that more folks are going to figure out new ways to shrink the bill when saying, "I do." What better way than with some food that everybody loves? Except one very important McDonald's favorite was missing from the Billaudeau wedding: the fries.

An ultimate success, despite the lack of fries

Ophélie and Thomas Billaudeau didn't simply roll up to the McDonald's drive-thru and ask for one of everything, and their decision to exclude the fast food giant's iconic fries was well thought out. "We didn't serve fries or potatoes to avoid them getting cold and soggy," Thomas explained to People. Hopefully, TikTok won't roast them for the omission.


@McDonald's Beauvais Tille Merci pour la régalade à notre mariage 😂

♬ son original – Thomas Billaudeau

It's clear that the menu was exactly what the couple wanted, but some of the guests were a bit hesitant about the unconventional choice when the couple revealed the caterer by having a McDonald's employee carry in bags of the food. Luckily, it turned out to be a hit. Thomas told People, "The guests were surprised, happy, and some were initially hesitant, but everyone ended up loving it." Still, Thomas admitted that while he believes "everyone should do what they want for their wedding," serving up McDonald's isn't something he would wholeheartedly suggest to other couples. The most important thing at a wedding, though, as he points out, is that "there's a good atmosphere and the guests enjoy themselves."

We couldn't agree more, but we advise future weddings to find a way to incorporate the fries.