Malt Powder Is The Secret Ingredient For Richer Hot Cocoa

If you love a frothy malt-flavored milkshake or wax nostalgic at the thought of eating Whoppers as a kid, you might want to try adding malted milk powder to your hot cocoa and other chocolaty baked goods. In the world of baking, just a few tablespoons of it can add a savory depth and complexity to desserts like cookies, brownies, or a classic chocolate cake recipe. The same goes for hot cocoa. Malted milk powder has a sweet, caramelized taste with a nutty edge to it, so you can imagine the flavor magic that can happen when combined with the richness of hot chocolate.

Whether you're mixing it into frozen hot chocolate, gifting a friend a jar of cocoa mix, or sticking with a piping mug of cocoa, you'll want to make sure you're grabbing the right ingredient for the job. There are some key differences between malt powder and malted milk powder, the latter of which you can easily find in the baking section at most grocery stores since it's mainly used as a flavor enhancer in foods. The most commonly used brand is Nestle Carnation malted milk powder, which is the typical go-to of many creative hot cocoa lovers out there. With the addition of classic toppings and drizzles, and even a few unique additions you might not have thought of before, this wintry drink staple can go from basic to gourmet without much effort.

Double down on the the malty flavors with your hot cocoa toppings

Making your own malted hot cocoa only takes a matter of minutes, and the best part is that it leans towards gourmet without breaking the bank. The process only requires you to sift and mix the ingredients before adding hot water or heating it on the stove, unless you decide to slowly meld the flavors together in a crock pot. If the malty addition ends up being your new favorite decadent hot chocolate recipe, why not take the malt levels a step further with Whoppers?

Whether you choose to plop a few of these treats into your mug whole or chop them up into crunchy bits to sprinkle over your whipped cream topping, these little morsels will provide you with a nice extra dose of malty goodness. You could even line the bottom of your cup with them before adding the hot water, ensuring their chocolate coatings and malted milk powder insides start to melt away. Adding malted milk powder doesn't mean you can't experiment with other ingredients, either. A pinch of ground cinnamon, cayenne pepper, some vanilla extract, or a splash of liqueur would each lend its own tasty twist to your malted cocoa. Of course, be sure to include some mini marshmallows and whipped cream to top it off right.