How Food Coloring Transforms Deviled Eggs Into Spooky Creations

Deviled eggs are a classic party appetizer that will soon pop up everywhere as the holidays arrive. Halloween is all about spooky, scary fun, so why shouldn't your food also embrace that theme? Mashed recipe developer Petar Marshall has a genius way of using food coloring to turn your deviled eggs into creepy creations. His Halloween-deviled egg recipe uses green food coloring to create a marbled, spiderweb-like design on the egg whites.

As with dyeing Easter eggs, a drop in food coloring and water is all you need to create these colorful eggs. While Marshall's recipe uses green food coloring, any color will work. Orange and black are the colors most associated with Halloween. However, purple, red, and green have also been embraced as spooky season colors. If you have a specific ghoulish theme, have a favorite color, or want a combination of colors, feel free to experiment. Unlike our Easter deviled eggs recipe, which requires the eggs to soak for several minutes, Marshall's recipe only requires a quick dunk. The result is a colorful spiderweb design with parts of the egg white still visible.

Customize your eggs

The webbed design looks scary and mimics Halloween's favorite creepy, crawly creature — the spider! Petar Marshall takes this to the next level by adding chopped olives to create a realistic-looking spider atop the eggs. Fully embracing the spookiness, Marshall also dyes the egg mixture inside green. Depending on your party theme, you can easily customize your egg colors and toppings to your liking.

If you prefer cute to scary, dye the egg white and yolk orange. Add a tiny chopped chive to the top, and you'll have edible mini pumpkins. If you want to forgo food dye, you can transform your eggs into mini mummies using the egg yolk filling. Just pipe horizontal stripes down the egg using the filling and add two capers for the eyes. If a Monster Mash is more your style, add a slice of black or green olive to the egg to create a one-eyed creature. No matter how you decorate them, don't forget to add this luxurious ingredient to the filling to have your eggs taste as good as they look.