The Best Buc-Ee's Fudge Flavors To Include In Your Sampler Box

If you've ever embarked on a road trip through the Lone Star State or found yourself lured by the irresistible aroma of freshly made treats, you've likely encountered the iconic beaver mascot beckoning you into Buc-ee's. The beloved gas station and convenience store chain is a must-see when in Texas and a way of life for locals. And while Buc-ee's offers a treasure trove of snacks and goodies to enjoy, one of its signature offerings is homemade fudge.

Fudge from a gas station? Yup, you heard us right. Buc-ee's began making fudge in 2003 at the chain's first travel center. In the decades since, Buc-ee's fudge has become a hallmark of road trips for families and individuals with a passion for sweet snacks. The well-loved chain of convenience stores offers a whopping 22 flavors of homemade-style fudge, which are served up at the store's fudge stand. With so many delectable flavors to choose from, it's seemingly impossible to pick just one. Luckily, Buc-ee's offers a fudge variety box, which retails at $15.12 as of the date of this publication. Each box contains 12 pieces of fudge of the customer's choice.

We spoke to the folks at Buc-ee's to learn everything there is to know about Buc-ee's fudge flavors to help you decide which of the varieties absolutely deserves a spot in your sampler box.

Banana pudding

One of the qualities that makes Buc-ee's such a staple for Texans is its commitment to Southern-style foods. Buc-ee's banana pudding fudge is no exception. This variety is a delightful indulgence that captures the essence of a classic Southern dessert. Imagine the creamy richness of homemade banana pudding, blended with ripe, fresh bananas and the crunch of vanilla wafers. Each bite is a harmonious fusion of flavors, with the natural sweetness of bananas complemented by the comforting familiarity of those iconic wafers.

Some people note the flavor is more evident than others at Buc-ee's, so if you're looking for a faint banana pudding aroma, steer clear. However, if you enjoy the full flavor of banana pudding, this fudge might just transport your taste buds straight to a backyard picnic in the heart of the South. There's no doubt about it, this one is an irresistible addition to your Buc-ee's fudge sampler box.

Birthday cake

Everyone knows that you don't need to be celebrating a birthday to enjoy the classic flavors of birthday cake-style desserts. For fans of the nostalgic and sweet flavors of the treat, which usually consists of vanilla cake, icing, and colorful sprinkles, Buc-ee's birthday cake fudge is sure to be a celebration in every bite. The flavor is distinctly vanilla-scented and pleasantly sweet, which translates to a party in your mouth.

Buc-ee's delightful take on this fudge flavor captures the essence of a classic birthday cake, complete with vibrant, colorful sprinkles that add a pop of fun and festivity. The sweet, vanilla-infused goodness of birthday cake is perfectly balanced by the playful crunch of those rainbow-hued sprinkles. It's a slice of pure happiness that you'll want to include in your Buc-ee's fudge sampler box, whether it's actually your birthday or you are just looking to brighten up an ordinary occasion.

Blueberry cheesecake

Buc-ee's blueberry cream cheese fudge is a sweet secret to experience on your next road trip. Although it may not stand out as a must-try flavor like more popular varieties such as chocolate or salted caramel, you need to include blueberry cream cheese fudge in your Buc-ee's sampler box if you're a fan of fruity cheesecake. The taste of this fudge is reminiscent of eating a fresh slice, where a mouthful of juicy blueberries mingles with the subtle creaminess of cream cheese. The flavor combo offers a unique experience for your taste buds that you won't normally find in the form of fudge. So much so, that it regularly comes out among reviewers as Buc-ee's top fudge flavor. 

The blueberry taste bursts with that familiar tangy sweetness, while the cream cheese adds a rich, indulgent twist. For fans of cheesecake, this flavor is the kind of fudge that feels like a cozy chat with a dear friend — comforting and oh-so-tasty. If you're into fruity, creamy delights, then add a piece (or more) to your next Buc-ee's fudge sampler box.

Chewy praline

Is there a more delicious Southern treat than chewy pralines? For the uninitiated, the classic candy is a decadent blend of rich caramel, pecans, and a hint of vanilla. The result is a chewy, sweet, and crunchy treat that truly says "home" for those from the South. Buc-ee's take in the form of its chewy praline fudge is a little slice of Southern charm wrapped up in each bite. 

This fudge flavor is a sweet, nutty indulgence with a generous drizzle of caramel that hits all the right notes for fans of the iconic Southern candy. The fudge has an almost melt-in-your-mouth quality that pairs perfectly with the crunchy bits of nuts, delivering a satisfying texture with every nibble. It's like enjoying a praline straight from a candy shop down in the South. If you've got a soft spot for sweet and nutty treats, this delightful nod to a classic Southern favorite should be in your Buc-ee's fudge sampler box. 


If you like to keep it simple when it comes to dessert, then Buc-ee's classic chocolate fudge is a comforting, no-frills treat that will surely please. This is the kind of flavor you can count on when you're craving pure, unadulterated chocolate goodness. Although some may consider chocolate fudge to be bland compared to the other 21 flavors offered by Buc-ee's, rest assured that each bite is a deep, rich indulgence. 

There are no fancy tricks or exotic flavors with Buc-ee's chocolate fudge —just the timeless allure of pure, velvety chocolate. So, if you're a chocolate purist, this classic flavor is a must-have in your Buc-ee's fudge sampler box. Sometimes, simplicity is the key to pure bliss. This flavor is also great if you're in a hurry during your stop at Buc-ee's. It happens to be one of the three options (chocolate, birthday cake, and chewy praline) that Buc-ee's offers in grab-and-go packages, making it easy to get your hands on this classic during a quick pit stop.

Red velvet

Have you ever wished you could take the flavors of a slice of decadent red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting and pack it into a portable, miniature fudge form? Well, Buc-ee's certainly has and, as a result, the chain of convenience stores created its take with its red velvet cake fudge. This flavor is a delightful combination of rich chocolate layered with vanilla, interwoven with the flavors and goodness of cream cheese frosting.

With every bite, this fudge provides the comforting familiarity of red velvet cake, complete with the signature moist texture of Buc-ee's fudge. The chocolate portion of the fudge is even colored the dark red hue of a classic red velvet cake. More importantly, fans confirm that it tastes exactly like its namesake dessert, which means all red velvet enthusiasts should consider trying it. It's a dessert lover's dream come true and one flavor that you must include in your Buc-ee's sampler box.

Mint chocolate

Some flavor combinations are always a hit. Think strawberries and cream, cookies and cream, and peanut butter and jelly. Up there on the list of iconic flavor matches is mint and chocolate, which Buc-ee's has harnessed in fudge form. This flavor is a must for your Buc-ee's fudge sampler box, in part because it stands out like a breath of fresh air in a heavily saccharine selection of fudge flavors. This flavor can be a great palate cleanser for a sampler box filled with very sweet treats. Fans of mint and chocolate know that a little minty surprise can truly elevate your chocolate experience.

Buc-ee's mint chocolate fudge combines the best of two worlds, blending the smooth richness of chocolate fudge with a refreshing layer of mint-flavored fudge swirled with more chocolate. The balance between the comforting chocolate and the invigorating mint creates a delightful contrast that's both soothing and exciting. If you're a fan of the classic chocolate-mint duo, pick up this fudge at Buc-ee's.

Peanut butter

If you come across Buc-ee's peanut butter fudge, don't pass up the opportunity to try it. This classic flavor variety is like a spoonful of creamy, dreamy peanut butter straight from the jar in fudge form. For many sweet treat enthusiasts, there's something incredibly comforting about peanut butter's smooth, nutty, and rich goodness. Buc-ee's has harnessed the nostalgia and true flavor of peanut butter in each bite. 

With no additional flavors, this fudge will take you back to childhood memories of peanut butter sandwiches or sneaking spoonfuls from the jar in the pantry. It's simple, straightforward, and utterly satisfying. If you're a peanut butter enthusiast, this fudge is a no-brainer for your Buc-ee's sampler box. In fact, Buc-ee's told Mashed that peanut butter is among the travel center's top-selling and most highly-requested fudge flavors. It's no surprise, considering peanut butter has a heartwarming taste that never goes out of style.

Peanut butter chocolate

There aren't many sweet flavor combinations that work together as well as peanut butter and chocolate. Whether in the form of chocolate peanut butter cups or in Buc-ee's peanut butter chocolate fudge, it's a classic combo that is sure to please. Buc-ee's peanut butter chocolate fudge achieves a harmonious balance of these two beloved flavors in one delightful bite. It's like a sweet duet where the rich, velvety chocolate of Buc-ee's plain fudge and the creamy peanut butter flavor of Buce-ee's peanut butter fudge come together to create a perfect synergy of taste. 

Each mouthful offers a swirl of these iconic flavors, for a delightful contrast that's both indulgent and comforting. According to Buc-ee's, this flavor is up there with the classic peanut butter fudge as one of the most highly-requested and top-selling flavors. That said, if you're a fan of the timeless combination of chocolate and peanut butter, Buc-ee's has nailed it. This is a must for your sampler box and a sweet combination that you won't want to miss.


If there is anything better than the pure and delicious chocolate flavor of classic fudge, it's Buc-ee's M&M fudge flavor, which takes the plain stuff up a notch with the addition of a cult classic brand of candy-coated chocolate pieces. Fans are likely to consider this to be a party in every bite because Buc-ee's M&M fudge features a base of the chain's classic plain chocolate fudge flavor along with a colorful sprinkle of M&M's on top. 

This gives a delightful flavor boost and playful crunch to the typically soft treat. One reviewer mentioned that this added textural element truly helped make the M&M fudge variety one of their favorites. The M&M's also add a fun pop of vibrant colors to the creamy, chocolatey fudge base. This fudge flavor is all about fun and indulgence, making it a great addition to a candy lover's Buc-ee's fudge sampler box.

Salted caramel

Buc-ee's salted caramel fudge is one of the flavors that achieves the perfect balance of a sweet indulgence paired with a subtle and savory twist. This fudge is all about the art of contrast, blending the rich, buttery sweetness of caramel with a hint of saltiness on the finish. It's a classic flavor experience that's both comforting and intriguing, like a warm caramel hug with a pinch of sea salt to keep it interesting. If you're someone who appreciates the magic that happens when sweet and salty collide in a dessert, this fudge needs a place in your Buc-ee's sampler box. 

Customers love the salted caramel fudge, and some find it so delicious that it has become a necessary purchase for all of their future trips to Buc-ee's. That kind of positive feedback definitely proves that Buc-ee's salted caramel fudge is a taste sensation that will leave you craving more.

Chocolate walnut

Buc-ee's chocolate walnut fudge is just one of many chocolate flavored fudge varieties available, but it stands out from the rest. Partly because it is a chocolate lover's dream come true, but also because it features a delightful nutty twist that gives it extra crunch and flavor. This fudge boasts a rich, chocolate-flavored base that's beautifully complemented by a generous layer of crunchy walnuts throughout. It's the marriage of flavors and textures that hits all the right notes for us and chocolate fudge fans alike. If you love the combination of rich chocolate and crunchy walnuts, you'll likely rate this one among your favorites.

The chocolate provides a comforting, velvety sweetness that fudge lovers typically look for, while the walnuts add a satisfying crunch and a touch of earthy richness. If you're a fan of the classic chocolate-nut combo, this fudge should definitely get a spot in your Buc-ee's sampler box.