Jonathan Bennett's Comedic Advice For Hosting Food-Related Shows - Exclusive

What's the one great aspect about being a fan of food competition shows? There's pretty much always one to watch, from classics to creative new offerings that seem to be popping up left and right these days. Aside from his role in "Mean Girls," Jonathan Bennett is a recognizable face on Food Network, with appearances spanning from "Cake Wars" to "Halloween Wars" to his latest nostalgic endeavor, "Battle of the Decades." Being a food show host comes with plenty of responsibilities, including one big one: Trying out the delicious food and desserts cooked up by the competitors.

"Cake Wars" has gone on since 2015, with Bennett claiming that he got some comedic advice when he first began his role behind the camera. "The best advice I got when starting hosting on Food Network is to make sure you get three different sizes of pants, because when you start the season and when you end the season, I guarantee you, you are not going to be the same weight, " he told Mashed in an exclusive interview.

Double up on outfits

With a show like "Cake Wars" comes a lot of sugar, sweets, and everything in between. "Make sure you have some outfits that get bigger as the season goes on," Jonathan Bennett laughingly said to Mashed. The Food Network personality also named the most outlandish dessert he remembers from the baking series — a trail mix cake from a Girl-Scouts-themed episode. Bennett described the dessert as a "brown sugar, cinnamon-dense cake," and noted that he'd "never been more excited" for that baker to win the episode. 

In the usual setup of the show, four bakers have two rounds of challenges to blow judges out of the water in flavor, taste, and presentation. Bennett has hosted "Cake Wars" for two years, but that's not all he's been up to lately. Most recently, Bennett announced his long-awaited comeback to "Halloween Wars" which has premiered for spooky season. Hopefully, he took his own advice and doubled up on outfits once— because those ghost and goblin cakes are looking scarily tasty.