The Garlicky Dipping Sauce You Can Find At Portuguese McDonald's

Dining at McDonald's in other countries is definitely a rite of passage for those who can't get enough of the chain's chicken nuggets, burgers, and fries. There are unique menu items at McDonald's all across the world, including specialty desserts, unique burgers, and of course, interesting sauces. Even though American McDonald's locations have seven specialty sauces to choose from, that hasn't stopped fans from traipsing the world looking for the newest sauce to try, and it turns out that McDonald's in Portugal offers a garlic dipping sauce that has people talking. 

The dipping sauce, called Molho de Maionese com Alho, translates to garlic mayo. The garlic dip is popular throughout Portugal and is often made with mayonnaise, fresh garlic, cream cheese, Worcestershire sauce, salt, and pepper. The dip is known for its extremely strong garlic flavor and is typically eaten with crackers, fries, meat, or sandwiches. Those who have tried the sauce cannot stop raving about the flavor, with several TikTok videos showing fans singing the praises of the sauce.

Yes, the sauce is that good

TikTok creator @Live_TheDash shared a video of the special Portuguese McDonald's sauce while on a "worldwide McDonald's tour." Sadly, the sauce is not available outside of Portugal, meaning travelers will have to smuggle the dip back into their pockets or luggage. Another video creator called the sauce, "The best sauce, hands down." People flooded the comments agreeing with the sentiment and begging for it to be sold worldwide. One person wrote, "That garlic mayo is the best thing I've ever tasted. They should sell it in stores." Another shared, "Yeah we use a loooooot of garlic in Portugal...and I think it's beautiful."


this is the best sauce, hands down 🍗 #mcdonalds #fastfood #portugal #mcdonaldsportugal

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Back in May 2023, McDonald's in the UK celebrated the 40th anniversary of its chicken nuggets with the release of a garlic mayo dip. Unfortunately, it was a limited-time offer and as of now, the dip is available solely in Portugal. Luckily, garlic aioli is very easy to make at home, and while it may not be exactly the same, it's sure to satisfy the craving when it hits. If you do happen to find yourself in Portugal, you might as well dine at the Portuguese McDonald's that looks like a cathedral. Just don't forget to get several Molho de Maionese com Alhos for the trip home.