Aldi's Halloween-Themed Pizzas Have TikTok Doing The Monster Mash

Another October at Aldi and you know what that means — yep, pumpkin pizzas in the frozen food aisles. Oh, and ghost pizzas, too. No, the latter pizzas are not ectoplasmic, instead, these pizzas are shaped like cute little smiley ghosts, or possibly blob monsters. Aldi shoppers have taken to social media to share videos of their Halloween haul on TikTok and the reaction, as might be predicted, was enthusiastic. Aldi fans chimed in to say they were heading over to their local Aldi to stock up. "I'm running to Aldi's right now," announced one.  There's always at least one joker in the mix, and this occasion was no exception, with one commenter saying, "What if I don't like pizza or things shaped like ghosts, can I substitute?"

There were a few commenters on TikTok who lamented the fact that the pizzas are not available in their state or country (Estonia, apparently, does not have any Aldis, much to one commenter's chagrin) as well as those who did not see the pizzas at their local Aldi. It seems these items may be selling out quickly, judging from the number of disappointed shoppers who related having to hit multiple Aldis in order to find them in stock. And of course, there was one question that popped up again and again. Are they any good?

The pizzas are as popular as ever

One person commenting on TikTok pointed out that most Aldi shoppers sharing this find on social media featured photos of the pizzas still in their cartons. A few shoppers, however, must have cooked the pizzas at some point, as one person found the ghost one to be "pretty good," while the video creator enthused "It was delicious." 


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If these 2023 pizzas are identical to the Halloween-shaped pizzas shoppers have raved about in past years, it's likely most Aldi shoppers will consider them to be worth the $4.99 Aldi is charging: And the consensus seems to be that they're as good as ever. The ghost pizza is by far the milder of the two since it's made of creamy sauce on a pizza crust with mozzarella, a drizzle of marinara sauce, and two olives for eyeballs. The pumpkin-shaped pizza is more of a traditional red sauce pie, although it gets its cheery orange coloring from cheddar cheese. So if you're looking to get in the Halloween spirit, you might want to do like many of Aldi's fans on TikTok and get some spooky pizza to eat with your scary movies.