Grocery Stores That Will Be Open Thanksgiving 2023 And Which Will Be Closed

If you've spent any time in or around a grocery store over the course of Thanksgiving week, you no doubt already experienced the annual mad dash of last-minute shoppers, traffic pile-ups, and staple shortages. A trip to your local grocery chain on Turkey Day may be unavoidable. The many moving parts required to assemble a Thanksgiving feast run the risk of burning or otherwise ruining an essential component, leaving the people in attendance to venture into the great unknown like explorers from a foreign land. 

The holiday, which celebrates togetherness and gratefulness, sometimes prompts business closures to ensure that employees of grocery chains and eateries can spend the day with their loved ones. Of course, many stores maintain some operating hours on Thanksgiving to ensure that your last-minute sprint to get the correct potatoes and cranberry sauce doesn't end in catastrophe. This year, Thanksgiving falls on Thursday, November 23. A handful of popular grocery chains will operate on abnormal schedules to accommodate the affair. In an effort to assist you with preparing a Hail Mary game plan for the upcoming holiday, we've listed the operating hours, or lack thereof, for various popular chains.

Aldi will be closed

Aldi is widely known for bringing deals on discount supermarket staples, no doubt making the store a preferred destination for many Thanksgiving shoppers. Unfortunately, according to the chain's frequently asked questions page, it is fully closed on holidays including New Year's, Easter, Christmas, and crucially in this case, Thanksgiving. If you're looking to get your down-to-the-wire Thanksgiving shopping done the morning of the holiday, you'll have to take your business elsewhere. 

Whole Foods will be open with modified hours

Whole Foods is a staple store for those looking to purchase high quality ingredients without much concern for the final price-tag of their shopping spree. The health-forward chain will be open on Thanksgiving day, though their website advertises "modified hours" without providing an exact window. The hours seem to be left to the discretion of individual locations for this store, so you should be mindful to call ahead before making the trip. 

Walmart, somewhat surprisingly, will be closed

Historically speaking, Walmart has always been a go-to for last-minute holiday shoppers, as the store has frequently made the decision to operate at regular business hours during days such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. In the past several years, Walmart has shifted its policy on holiday openings, and the super-chain will close on Thanksgiving in 2023 as well.

Costco will also be closed

Costco has always maintained closures during major holidays, including New Year's, Memorial Day, Labor Day, and Thanksgiving. Those looking to loot a few famed Costco rotisserie chickens will have to do so in advance of that turkey-themed Thursday morning. Just be aware that Reader's Digest warns the Tuesday before Thanksgiving is the worst day to fight through grocery store crowds.

Sam's Club, too, will be closed

In another staggering blow to 11th-hour shoppers, Sam's Club will be joining Costco and other membership-based grocery chains by remaining closed through the Thanksgiving holiday. This should come as no surprise given that the membership-only grocery chain is owned and operated by Walmart, which will also be closed to the public on November 23. 

Publix will be closed, as well

Like some of the previously listed chains, Publix has made a tradition out of closing down for Thanksgiving since the chain opened its first store nearly a century ago in Winter Haven, Florida. Those looking to score a popular Pub sub on Turkey Day will have to settle for a Wednesday or Friday purchase to satiate their craving. 

Acme will (mostly) be open

If you've spent any time in the Northeast you might be familiar with the Albertsons-owned Acme Markets. Unlike a number of previous entries on this list, the chain won't be closed. Mashed reached out to an Acme location in Maryland, and an employee confirmed that the store opens on Thanksgiving and that the hours of operation for that day normally fall between 7 a.m. and around 5 p.m. However, shoppers may want to contact their local store to confirm exact times.

HEB will also be mostly open

For those looking to procure some last-minute cranberry sauce in the South, HEB stores will also be open, albeit on modified hours. The Texas-based chain is set to accept shoppers from 6 a.m. until noon on Thanksgiving, though the pharmacy section will be closed for the holiday entirely. 

Wegmans is a mixed bag

If you're in need of fresh produce or baked goods on Thanksgiving, Wegmans may also have you covered. The chain, which operates in a total of eight states plus Washington D.C., will offer varying results depending on your location. Some Wegmans stores are set to remain closed all day, while others plan to remain open on an adjusted holiday schedule. For Wegmans, you'd be best advised to call ahead and check for yourself. 

Safeway will be open

For yet another Thanksgiving Day grocery destination, Safeway grocery stores will be open to the public from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. This will provide dinner hosts and their feasting compatriots an easy opportunity to score a few extra boxes of butter in case your supply begins to run dry. This should come as little surprise to consumers as Safeway's parent company, Albertsons, will also be open during the holiday, as well as other Albertsons-owned stores such as Acme. 

Target will be closed

Target has taken a new approach to holiday availability in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. After the lockdowns began in 2020, the superstore took to shutting down for the Thanksgiving holiday and has since adopted the change as a longer-term measure. Be sure to get all your Target shopping done by Wednesday, November 22, as the chain won't be around to provide last-second Thanksgiving decor. 

Trader Joe's won't have any trading on Thanksgiving

Those looking to take advantage of Trader Joe's deals and unique products will need to do their shopping by the day before Thanksgiving, as TJ's will be closed on the day itself. Several locations in the Central Florida area confirmed to Mashed that this corporate policy applies to all Trader Joe's locations around the country. Trader Joe's reopens for regular hours on Black Friday.

Shoprite operations will vary

Picking up that last-second forgotten ingredient may be possible for Shoprite shoppers this Thanksgiving. The store's customer service team told Mashed there are no company-wide rules on whether a store has to open or not on Turkey Day and what hours it must have if it does open. Most stores are expected to announce their plans by late October or early November, so contact your local Shoprite for details. 

Stop & Shop will be open, but hours vary

Procrastinators or those needing some unexpected items will likely be able to grab them at their local Stop & Shop this Thanksgiving. The chain's customer service department confirmed to Mashed that stores are expected to be open, with individual location setting their hours, which may be reduced. Like Shoprite, full details are expected to be available by a few weeks before Thanksgiving. 

Kroger will have reduced hours

Kroger's more than 1,200 stores will be open on Thanksgiving 2023, though likely not for the normal hours you're used to. Kroger Customer Service told Mashed that stores will be open with reduced hours but that corporate leaves it up to individual stores to set the exact schedule. While you should check with your local store, according to customer service, you'll likely need to show up by mid-afternoon at the latest, as many close by the evening. 

Meijer will be open

Meijer shoppers won't have to alter their plans for the Thanksgiving holiday. The corporate customer service line says stores are expected to operate regular hours at its stores and gas stations throughout the Midwest on Thanksgiving. In most cases, that means 6 a.m. to midnight, providing ample time for even the latest last-minute cooks to get what they need. 

Food Lion will have reduced hours

Food Lion will be open this Thanksgiving but with limited hours. Most stores in the U.S. will close at 3 p.m, though some Food Lion stores in the state of Virginia will stay open till 4 p.m. So if you live in Virginia and are rushing around your kitchen at 2:30, you may want to call your closest Food Lion to check if they are one of the locations staying open an hour later or closing with the rest of the country.