Guy Fieri Wants You To Understand He's 'Your Chef ... Not Your Doctor'

Over the years, there have been quite a few controversial things everyone ignores about Guy Fieri, but a particular criticism actually revolves around the decadent food he showcases on his Food Network show "Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives" (or Triple D). During a CNN interview with the chef, Chris Wallace called one meal of sausage lasagna "a heart attack on a plate," to which Fieri responded, "If you ate all of it, it was." 

The chef speaks to the need for balance when it comes to food choices, explaining that "you gotta have responsibility with what you eat and you gotta eat in moderation." Fieri goes on to clarify that he is "your chef ... not your doctor," denying interest in giving advice on anyone's personal diet or lifestyle. However, in a December 2021 interview with GQ, Fieri discussed his own health journey, explaining that people assume he eats "deep-fried pizza and cheeseburgers for lunch," but in actuality, he cooks most meals at home when he's not on the road and notes his love for salad, sushi, and Thai food. 

While someone's palate and taste for certain foods are subjective, most health professionals agree on prioritizing foods rich in nutrients and not just calories. Basic dietary guidelines discuss the need for fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains while limiting saturated fat and cholesterol (from the National Academy of Sciences). As long as there is balance and moderation, most people do believe a single meal isn't a cause for health concerns.

You are responsible for your own food choices

Fieri's motto is "If you're going to eat something, eat the best," which has inspired him to find the best restaurants while traveling. When talking to Travel + Leisure, Fieri encouraged tourists to go a few streets off the main road to find "some little mom-and-pop shacks that are doing some food that'll blow your mind." For many people, food is more than just nourishment for the physical body; it also feeds the soul and connects people to so many different cultures from around the world. 

Interestingly, Guy explains that the massive burgers and hearty lasagnas featured on Triple D are only a fraction of the meals that are shown throughout any given season. Fieri also touches on the variety of dishes and restaurants he features, many of which are vegetarian and some are even vegan. This versatility is not only important for a dynamic season, but it sheds light on various cuisines and all the different ways of cooking.

While Fieri himself likely only takes a few bites of each item he showcases on television, viewers who are enticed to dine at those restaurants are going for the full experience. However, Fieri also emphasized the need for people to take accountability for their own food choices. So, while his show may not be the best thing to watch if you are hungry or trying to stay motivated to eat healthy, it's ultimately up to viewers' discretion.