Yes, You Can Reheat Your Leftover Egg Sandwich In An Air Fryer

Some foods don't keep as well in the fridge as others. An egg sandwich, for example, is one of those foods we might hesitate to bring home as leftovers in the first place. With toasty bread, melted cheese, and maybe even a runny fried egg, everything in this sandwich has the potential to get a little too soggy. Taking a flimsy sandwich out of the fridge when it was once glowing and warm is a bit underwhelming. Yet it still has the same flavors, and we still want to eat it. Thankfully, it's one of the breakfasts you can easily air fry.

Of course, other tools can get the job done, but maybe not as well. The microwave, for instance, does a good job of heating the sandwich all the way through. Unfortunately, the result might be even soggier than it was in the fridge. Next is the stove top, a slightly better choice. A little butter or oil on a pan can efficiently crisp up the bread again, but by the time the sandwich's middle layer heats up, you may be facing a charred exterior. Therefore, the most dependable way to reheat an egg sandwich is in an air fryer. These handy kitchen gadgets can circulate warmth throughout the sandwich while simultaneously making the bread toasty.

How to reheat an egg sandwich in an air fryer

To revitalize your egg sandwich, you first have to preheat your air fryer. A standard temperature of 350 degrees Fahrenheit works best for the task. Before your breakfast goes in, though, you have to make two more preparations. First, remove anything from inside the sandwich that shouldn't get hot. Lettuce and tomatoes, for example, are meant to be cold and crisp. (You may even want to replace these veggies with fresh ones you have in the fridge, or, while you're at it, add some spices to your egg sandwich, like curry powder.) Next, put some sort of liner in the basket. Before putting parchment in the air fryer, though, make sure you perforate it so the paper doesn't block the airflow. The same thing goes for aluminum if that's what you're using. At last, your sandwich is ready to be heated!

Your egg sandwich will finish reheating in about five minutes, but if it's extra hefty, it may require a few more. Another simple heating hack is to watch the bread; once it's visibly toasty, open the sandwich to expose its middle layers to the hot air. This extra precaution ensures even warmth and melty cheese. When removing the sandwich from the air fryer, protect your hands, and remember to use tongs.