Kate Middleton's Go-To Royal Breakfast Isn't What We Expected

For the vast majority of us who are unacquainted with royal life, we might imagine that someone like Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales, spends every day eating meals fit for, well, royalty. In fact, her go-to morning meal is pretty standard fare for non-royal people — at least those who enjoy lots of fruit and veggies. If you've ever wondered what the royal family eats for breakfast, Middleton's meal plan will give you a taste of mornings in the day of a real-life princess.

Knowing what most people do about Middleton, it's really no surprise that the glowing, glamorous, and super-active royal makes an effort to have a nutritious, balanced diet, and eating well starts first thing in the morning. Middleton is conscious about the meal she chooses to start her day, and not only are her everyday choices simple and delicious, but they're also super attainable. Middleton's morning starts with oats, fresh fruits and veggies, and plenty of nutrients. And no, her healthy, tasty breakfast doesn't require a personal chef or a palace kitchen.

Kate Middleton starts her day with porridge and a smoothie

What Kate Middleton really eats in a day starts with the fuel she needs for her active life and consistent workouts. She frequently enjoys oats for breakfast, which keep her feeling full and give her energy throughout her morning. She's also known to enjoy a green smoothie shortly after waking, but she's specific about what she likes to include in it. Kale, spirulina, romaine, and spinach are her green staples, as well as matcha, which she adds for that energizing kick that we all seek to get our day started. For a sweet addition of antioxidants and flavor, blueberries are her fruit of choice.

Middleton's filling and well-rounded breakfast sets the rest of her culinary day up for success, allowing her to feel satisfied with a light lunch and small, fresh snacks throughout the day before enjoying a big, carb-heavy dinner (and sometimes dessert). While Middleton and her husband — William, Prince of Wales — are not strictly meat-free, they tend toward a vegetarian diet and plant-based fare.