These Viral Macaron And Pocky Stick Flowers Are Swoon-Worthy

French macarons are some of the prettiest confections out there if you can manage to get them right. These fancy little cookies are known for being temptingly delicious yet notoriously difficult to bake due to how much precision is involved. Almost all beginners will make common mistakes when baking macarons. Once you've nailed the exact steps and can achieve the perfect combo of great texture and taste, though, you can branch out and start making gorgeous macaron art. That's exactly what Jath, a stay-at-home mom and baker on Instagram, did after she perfected her skills. Now that she's become a piping pro, she showcases her eye-catching macarons and detailed cakes on her account, thesugarhobby. Jath can even transform her macarons into lovely bunches of flowers using Pocky sticks.

One look at Jath's dreamy floral macarons and you're instantly transported to springtime. Her delicate decorating process makes one of her social media taglines, "macaron therapy", make a lot of sense. Using the best frosting for piping, she carefully places each petal on her three-dimensional macaron art, making some that look like textured carnations and others that have bulbs like lavender. Unlike the average, circular-shaped version of this treat, her lavender bulbs are piped onto an elongated macaron to account for the shape of the flower it mimics. For the stems, the baker goes the extra mile by giving individual sticks of Pocky the pastel treatment to match the overall look of the lavender macarons.

To matcha or not to matcha?

In Jath's viral Instagram video, she explains that she normally just uses chocolate Pocky sticks for the stems. She briefly shows how she mixes a shade of sage food coloring into the icing to get the right hue before coating the popular snack sticks in it and inserting one into each lavender macaron. Jath's followers pointed out to her that matcha-flavored Pocky sticks are a thing and that she might try those to eliminate an extra step from her tasty floral assembly.

You can find a wider selection of popular Pocky flavors at your local Asian market, which the creator was able to track down. Jath ended up using matcha Pocky as the stems for her next batch of petal-topped macarons and thanked her viewers for making things a bit easier for her. Some other comments suggest using the brand's mint flavor since it fits the aesthetic Other commenters who also don't like matcha showed some solidarity. "Those flowers are stunning! I wouldn't want to eat them because they're so pretty," several commenters on the video agreed.

It's clear that Jath's swoon-worthy creations inspire others to bake pretty things too. The creator encourages it on her social media pages by offering tons of recipes and helpful tips. These lavender beauties aren't for sale, however. That could be because Jath would like to keep the passion of her hobby alive. We're very curious to see what types of macaron flowers she whips up next.