Chipotle Booritos To Be Sold Even Later At Night This Halloween

Chipotle's recurring Halloween tradition has undergone a few evolutions since it began two decades ago, with the most jolting change happening in 2020 when the pandemic forced the Boorito promotion to switch from in-person to digital. This year sees the company not only bringing back the tradition with an online promo code customers can use at Chipotle's website or on the Chipotle app, but also extending store hours in 53 college towns.

According to a press release, Chipotle Rewards customers who use the online code "BOORITO" to order one of the $6 meals at any of the participating locations on October 31 will be able to pick up their orders from 3 p.m. local time until midnight. Any meal can be purchased with the app and online-exclusive promo code, except for kids' meals, catering orders, or orders placed through third-party sites like Grubhub, UberEats, DoorDash, etc.

As an extra incentive, the first 100 orders that occur between 10 p.m. and midnight at those Chipotle stores will get a free bottle of Tabasco Brand Scorpion Sauce. Billed as Tabasco's hottest sauce, it has a Scoville rating of 23,000 – 33,000 — three to four times hotter than its habanero pepper sauce and ten times hotter than its OG hot sauce.

Chipotle is trying to cater to its Gen Z customers

Undoubtedly, many will be disappointed that the company is going back to a digital-only format for the promotion, but it's not all that surprising. Chipotle's Boorito 2022 returned to the in-person tradition of arriving at a store in costume, and many restaurants reported an underwhelming night with a low turnout and tons of unused food.

This year's digital offer combined with later hours at college locations is meant to attract Chipotle's Gen Z customers, a demographic the chain has been focusing more attention on. Earlier this year, Chipotle officially added Fajita Quesadillas to its menu after a TikTok video went viral, and in September, Chipotle referenced singer Olivia Rodrigo in an Instagram photo, putting its own twist on lyrics to her song, "Ballad of a Homeschooled Girl," along with a photo similar to her "Guts" album cover. Rodrigo loved it, commenting on the post, as did many of her fans.

In a survey conducted by the chain, 81% of 18- to 26-year-olds expressed a desire for Chipotle to stay open until midnight. That, along with the 30% increase in orders received after 8 p.m. the past two Halloweens, helped encourage Chipotle to make the change. According to Chipotle's press release, the 53 restaurants picked to stay open until midnight "are among the college towns that eat the most Chipotle and represent the number of real ingredients on the restaurant's permanent menu."