How Often Does Crumbl Cookies Change Flavors?

Considering its humble beginnings as a small Utah cookie shop that only sold chocolate chip when it opened in 2017, Crumbl Cookies has certainly come a long way. After becoming wildly popular during the pandemic, the trendy company now operates in hundreds of locations with a rotating menu that turns curious customers into repeat visitors. After Crumbl's original chocolate chip cookie recipe took off, it experimented with alternate cookie flavors, and in December 2018, it began officially rotating out its menu weekly. This means that every week, fans can try six different gourmet cookies, which Crumbl chooses from its arsenal of over 200 flavors.

If you've ever scrolled through the company's social media profiles, chances are you've had to wipe a bit of drool off your chin. Watching all those close-up shots of gooey cookies being broken, dunked, and — of course — crumbled is enough to send one straight to the check-out screen. The company's rotating cookie menu is actually a key part of its business model and may be responsible for Crumbl's viral success. This pattern allows cookie lovers to establish a few favorites before Crumbl swaps its flavors out the following week. Due to the sheer number of total flavors offered, customers tend to come back often to see if their number-one pick has made a comeback, and the ever-changing menu makes folks want to try even more.

Crumbl rotations often introduce new flavors while improving old ones

Fans are so dedicated to the magic behind Crumbl's vast menu that some have even made websites chronicling each week's flavor selections. Tried-and-true favorites like the Milk Chocolate Chip and Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chunk are present in many rotations, giving customers something to love each week, even if they don't vibe with one of the specialty cookies on offer. Crumbl polled its Instagram followers in July 2022, revealing that the most requested flavor that year was its Twix Caramel Shortbread. In truth, there are so many popular Crumbl flavors that some branch owners haven't been able to come anywhere close to trying them all.

One thing's for sure: The company never seems to be short on inspiration, creating gourmet cookies that are crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside, and always decked out with fun toppings. In a Mashed interview, the founders describe everything from their flavor-choosing process to the iconic pink boxes that have taken over the cookie-loving side of the internet. You can expect to find new seasonal flavors introduced throughout the year, like pumpkin spice in autumn or the taste of peppermint around Christmas time. Crumbl's rotating menu has plenty for your taste buds to experience, and its wide flavor selection is likely one of the biggest factors of its uniquely sweet success.