Matthew McConaughey Promotes His New Tequila Half Naked For Some Reason

If there's one thing that won't be in short supply for holiday gifting this year, it's tequila made (or at least marketed) by celebrities. The famous-for-being-famous Kendall Jenner has her 818 tequila, while the People's Champion The Rock has his Teremana tequila brand, and a slew of other celebs from Mark Wahlberg to LeBron James are all selling the stuff. As you've no doubt guessed by now, Matthew McConaughey is also joining in on the fun. While the actor, at least, has enough self-awareness to joke that the world really doesn't need another celebrity tequila brand, that hasn't stopped him from going all-out to promote his Pantalones Organic Tequila.

McConaughey is setting himself, if not his brand of beverages, apart from the pack with some attention-grabbing advertising. One recently released ad shows him and his wife Camila drinking tequila while atop motorcycles being pulled by another vehicle — something the highway patrol would no doubt frown upon — and then walking through a field of some sort while apparently undressed on the bottom halves of their bodies (but the film is intentionally blurred so that no actual bare butts are visible).

Not everyone's a fan of the ad campaign

What's with McConaughey's no-pants thing? Well, it supposedly works on multiple levels since "pantalones" is Spanish for pants and, also, the actor's catch phrase for this brand is that he wanted to give the tequila "a kick in the pants." He and his wife also make a slightly icky reference to the liquor brand being "the best thing we've made with our pants on" — we're hoping this is meant as a reference to the couple's three children and nothing else.

McConaughey's Pantalones commercial is new to YouTube and, of the few comments received so far, most seemed to be amused yet unimpressed, with one remarking that they could have made a better commercial and another begging the actors to put their pants back on. At least one of the tequilas appears to be a fairly decent product, though, as far as Total Wine customers are concerned. While the anejo and reposado varieties have no reviews as of yet, the blanco has a five-star rating. Commenters say this variety, which is the cheapest of the Pantalones bottles at just under $40 (the reposado comes in around $45 and the anejo just under $50) is smooth-tasting and of good quality. Reviewers also seem to like the fact that the product is organic. No one, however, reported feeling a sudden urge to go pantsless after drinking it.