Could Eggo's New Robotic Vacuum-Mop Be The Future Of Breakfast?

Two favorite household brands have joined forces to invent a robotic vacuum they claim will handle your mealtime messes. The EggoVac by Bissell and Eggo will be available to purchase at on Wednesday. This device looks like an Eggo waffle, but it does the work of a Bissell vacuum cleaner. The idea behind it is that cleaning up the chaos that's leftover after meals can be simple, just like making an Eggo waffle. "Eggo knows that, although easy and delicious, waffles and kids often lead to crumby situations," said Joe Beauprez, Senior Director of Marketing for Frozen Foods at Kellanova, Eggo's parent company.

This frozen waffle brand is not new to the act of automation. The company began mass-producing waffles in 1953 when Founder Frank Dorsa invented a machine that could cook over a thousand waffles every hour. This eventually led to mass production of frozen waffles and ultimately the creation of a market for them. Now, with Bissell's technology, the company wants to automate your cleaning process. From now through Dec. 31, the EggoVac costs $150, and it comes with $50 of Eggo waffles to keep your household stocked.

Bissel Spin Wave receives breakfast-themed makeover

You don't need a toaster for Eggo's new offering. The EggoVac may be round and checkered to look like a waffle, but it's really a Bissell Spinwave R5 in a playful, breakfast-themed disguise. Ordinarily, this automated vacuum retails for $549, but it's 70% off until the end of the year. Eggo and Bissell timed this product drop to occur before the holiday season when messes are constantly happening, hoping to reduce stress in the kitchen and create more room for celebration.

This discounted version has the same functions as Bissell's original product, even though it doesn't look the same. The EggoVac will run for 140 minutes before it needs to be recharged. It can vacuum and mop simultaneously. The EggoVac has technology for navigating your home all by itself, avoiding carpets and other obstacles. "With the EggoVac, we're making the chore of cleaning as easy as the click of a button, so parents can L'Eggo and let us do the crumb-collecting for you," Beauprez added.

The EggoVac is not Eggo's first collaboration geared toward adults and parents. In 2022, the waffle company worked with Sugarland's Distilling Co. from Tennessee to create a Holiday cream liqueur called Eggo Nog, which could only be enjoyed by the over 21 crowd. The next year, Eggo released Brunch in a Jar, an alcoholic "sipping cream" made specifically for busy parents to enjoy during their personal time.