Forget Puppuccinos – Dunkin' Is Bringing Back Cute Coffee-Themed Dog Toys

While Starbucks has a cute idea with its Puppuccinos and we appreciate any chain willing to show our pups some love, the sad truth is that some dogs are lactose intolerant and a cup of whipped cream is likely to result in severe gastric distress (along with its accompanying mess). While Dunkin's menu may not be any more dog-friendly, it does have something you can take home to your pooch without any worries that it'll upset your terrier's tummy or harm a hair of your husky's head. Ever since 2020, the coffee and donut chain has been collaborating with pet supply brand Bark (makers of the TV-famous Barkbox) to produce a line of Dunkin-themed dog toys.

Per a press release shared with Mashed, this year's lineup of new toys includes one shaped like Dunkin's sausage, egg, and cheese sandwich, another that's meant to resemble an iced coffee, a third that looks (somewhat) like a mocha latte, and a fourth that consists of a trio of Munchkin-shaped chew toys. These items, which are perfect for stuffing your dog's Christmas stocking, are now available in Dunkin's stores, although the chain cautions consumers that they may sell out pretty quickly as they have in the past. The toys can still be purchased online from Bark, though, as can some additional Dunkin-themed toys including a chocolate-glazed donut chew toy and a stack of three chew toy donuts (chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry, it looks like) on a rope. Sadly, the coffee cup and sprinkle donut toys are all sold out.

The proceeds from these toys go to a good cause

The prices of the toys, it seems, may vary just a bit depending on whether you buy them in-store or online. The prices when purchasing at Dunkin' are $15 for the mocha latte, Munchkins, and iced coffee, while Bark's website is selling only the first of these for that price. The Munchkins are currently listed at $14, while the iced coffee comes in at just $12 (admittedly it may be different than the iced coffee combo toy that's set to be sold in stores). The sausage, egg, and cheese toy doesn't seem to be listed on Bark's site just yet, but the chocolate donut one is priced at $14, and the donuts on a rope at $15. While all of these prices are admittedly on the high side for standard-sized plush dog chew toys, there's a good reason for this. You see, you're not exactly purchasing them, but are instead receiving a gift in return for your donation to the Dunkin' Joy in Childhood Foundation (this applies to both in-store and online purchases).

The Joy in Childhood Foundation, as its name implies, isn't a pet-themed charity. Instead, it's focused on combating childhood food deprivation and illness. It does, however, have an animal-related component, that being its Dogs for Joy program. The program sponsors resident canines in children's hospitals who are trained to calm, motivate, and provide companionship for patients.