TikTok Carbonated UV Blue Vodka With A SodaStream Because ... Why Not?

If you're a SodaStream user who never carbonates anything but water, then there's a whole world of options out there for putting your machine to other uses. Is making a viral vodka drink the best use for the appliance? Probably not, but it's an option. A viral TikTok courtesy of The Drink Tester shows that you can carbonate UV Blue Vodka in your SodaStream.

Carbonating flavored vodka is certainly not a trick every SodaStream owner should try. That said, if you love a fizzy beverage almost as much as you love a very, very strong drink, then you're probably the target consumer. If you've never tried UV Blue Vodka, it's a raspberry-flavored vodka with a very vibrant blue hue. The UV Blue website recommends mixing the spirit with a lemon-lime-flavored soda. This is almost surely a tastier option for most folks who want their flavored vodka fizzy, but you can always pop it in the SodaStream for a stronger version if you're a sucker for TikTok hacks.

Alcoholic beverages in the SodaStream aren't a

The Drink Tester's TikTok demonstrates how to carbonate UV Blue Vodka and shows the creator trying the bubbly blue beverage. The video proves that you can, in fact, use the SodaStream to carbonate UV Blue Vodka the same way as you would with water ... sort of. However, the creator seems to have just as much difficulty drinking an entire glass of it in one gulp as most of us would with a flat version. The creator gives the drink "a 6.5 out of 10," and the video gained almost 40,000 likes. Even so, it seems like a safe bet that most folks who enjoyed watching it won't be trying this unusual drink at home.


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In an article aptly named "SodaStream Will Make Pretty Much Anything Fizzy — But Should It?" folks at the Huffington Post Australia attempted to carbonate numerous beverages and showed why you should never put wine in a SodaStream. Between the big mess and the lackluster results, wine in a SodaStream isn't recommended. And, by the looks of The Drink Tester's vodka-soaked counter and grimace in their UV Blue Vodka TikTok, it's safe to say that carbonating vodka is equally messy and not too tasty. So, if you want a side of bubbles with your blue raspberry vodka, trying it with Sprite is probably the better choice all the way around.