Who Needs A Turkey When TikTok's Savory Thanksgiving Cupcakes Exist?

Turkey may be at the center of a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, but people have long been putting their own twist on the holiday meal. Whether it's a deep-fried turkey, the cajun-style Thanksgiving turkey at Popeyes, or a turkey pot pie, more people are doing their own thing and creating new customs for Thanksgiving dinner. So when TikToker @naughtyfork shared a video showing how easy it is to make Thanksgiving cupcakes, it's not surprising that the reactions were overwhelmingly positive.

"Am I making savory cupcakes for Thanksgiving? Now I am," wrote one commenter. While the TikToker referred to the cupcakes as appetizers, many disagreed. "That ain't no appetizer...that's a meal. And I want [five]," joked an admirer. "I would eat this over the meal. [This] looks amazing," said another. The recipe consists of a honey butter biscuit layered with cheese, butter, mashed potato frosting, and a generous drizzle of gravy. To finish it off, a popcorn chicken nugget dipped in honey butter is perched on top. 

It may not be what many expect when they think of Thanksgiving, but savory cupcakes are gaining in popularity. If you think these would be perfect for your holiday table, there are many different ways to customize your own Thanksgiving cupcakes.

Make them to your liking, or find a bakery to make them for you

While @naughtyfork used a honey butter biscuit for her cupcakes, you could always use plain or honey cornbread muffins. Maybe your first thought upon seeing the Thanksgiving cupcakes was "Where's the stuffing?" In that case, you could make a stuffing-based muffin instead, and fill them with a little bit of gravy. Then use the mashed potato frosting to cover up the hole that you made piping it in.

If you're digging the savory aspects of the cupcake, but still longing for something sweet in your Thanksgiving cupcake, there are options. You could use a sweet potato frosting or bits of candied yams sprinkled on top. Try a dollop of cranberry sauce on top instead of the gravy drizzle. 

If you don't feel like making Thanksgiving cupcakes, but still would love to eat them, you'll be pleased the learn that more bakeries are embracing the savory cupcake trend. One such bakery, Bree's Cakes, made headlines when baker and owner Bree Miller began making Soul Cakes and Cupcakes in 2015. Popular with celebs like Chrissy Teigen and Kevin Hart, Bree's Cakes is based in Simi Valley, California. The Soul Cupcakes are cornbread stuffed with macaroni and cheese, topped with mashed potatoes, gravy, and a piece of fried chicken. The bakery only sells them for the Thanksgiving holiday and they sell out every year.