It's Donna Kelce's (Food) World, And We're Just Living In It

The company you keep says a lot about who you are, and Donna Kelce is in an elite bracket. The mother of two famous football players, Kelce has been spotted hanging out with Taylor Swift, and since then, her notoriety has transcended the football stadium. And while it's common for food companies to partner with athletes to promote products, Donna is the one who's stepped into the spotlight to partner with two brands — KIND Snacks and Barefoot Wine — in less than a month.

Travis and Jason Kelce's mom has been on a steady climb toward fame, perhaps a kind that even eclipses her footballing kids'. Before she became buddies with her son Travis' girlfriend, Taylor Swift, Donna Kelce was an accomplished mother. In 2023, her sons were the first siblings to ever play head-to-head at the Super Bowl; that's when she first made a name for herself. Fans got a kick out of following her #gamedayfit posts leading up to the big game, and many admired her for traveling over 1,000 miles in one day to see both of her sons play in different parts of the country. Now, while Travis and Jason tackle each other on the football field, their mom is tackling the food world.

Donna Kelce is breaking into brand deals

Donna Kelce is officially in her foodie influencer era, and these two brand deals are the culmination of her stepping into America's pantries as well as their hearts. With articles covering everything from what she eats, what she cooked for her kids growing up (and what she still cooks the NFL stars now), to her go-to gameday snacks, it seems the public just can't get enough of Mama Kelce. Through her Barefoot endorsement, Kelce has been letting Swifties know it's okay to sip wine during the big game, which has proven relatable for anyone who was turned off by the beer-chugging tailgate vibes the sport generally exudes. Speaking about the wine partnership, Kelce explained in a press release she hopes to welcome new fans to her sons' sport, bringing the game down to earth and making participation more enjoyable.

Donna Kelce's rise to food world dominance marks a new phenomenon in sports, as the athletes are usually the ones to take center stage; for example, LeBron James has been the face of McDonald's and Sprite, and Peyton Manning has represented Pepsi and Gatorade. This accomplished mother (seriously accomplished, before she retired and became known for cheering on her kids she was the Senior VP of a bank) has managed to break through the standard professional athlete endorsements to reach a whole new level of stardom.