Coffee Mate's Eggo-And-Maple-Flavored Creamer Is Breakfast Overload

For many coffee drinkers, a cup of joe isn't complete without a splash of deliciously flavored creamer. A product once limited to standard flavors like vanilla or hazelnut has blown up over the past few years with options ranging from pumpkin spice to coconut caramel. But Coffee mate's latest collaboration doubles down on coffee's role at the breakfast table. The company is teaming up with Eggo for a new creamer that tastes like waffles and maple syrup.

In info shared with Mashed, Coffee mate promises "notes of toasty waffles, rich maple syrup, and warm butter" that it says are perfect for "snow day brunches and cozy winter mornings." Buyers are likely to greet it as warmly as they would a stack of waffles, at least according to Leonardo Aizpuru, Nestlé's vice president of brand marketing for the beverage division and business unit, who said, "Breakfast flavors, particularly maple, are amongst the top requested — and as breakfast and coffee go hand-in-hand, we thought no better pairing than Coffee mate and Eggo."

But don't plan to add it to tomorrow's breakfast pick-me-up just yet — it doesn't hit store shelves until January. The company says it'll sell for a suggested price of $4.69 for a 32-ounce container, enough for more than 60 servings.

New waffle-flavored products abound

If you feel like you've heard about other Eggo waffle-flavored products lately, you're right. Nestle and Eggo teamed up previously for Nestlé Sensations Eggo Maple Waffle Flavored Milk. Unlike the latest creamer, it can be enjoyed on its own for those who want that tasty waffle flavor without coffee. On the flip side, it's perishable and dairy-based, unlike the non-dairy creamer.

While the nutritional details aren't yet available for this new flavor, frequent coffee-creamer consumers should keep in mind the risks of drinking coffee creamer every day. Creamers can contribute to high cholesterol and are often ignored as a common source of added calories. But like many less-than-ideal foods, it won't have a major impact on your health when used in moderation.

While you wait for the Eggo Waffles and Maple Syrup creamer to hit the market, there are plenty of other Coffee mate creamer flavors to try.