Kit Kat's New Chocolate Donut Flavor Just Sounds Like A Regular Kit Kat

Whether it's Baskin-Robbins' Apple Cider Donut Ice cream or Strawberry Frosted Donut Oreos, when brands add donut-flavored anything, people tend to get excited because really, who doesn't love donuts? The new flavor of Kit Kat, described in a press release sent to Mashed as milk chocolate layered with "donut-flavored creme," is set to hit stores just in time for the holiday season. But while many are usually excited to try new flavors, this one has Kit Kat lovers split. To many, Chocolate Frosted Donut doesn't sound any different than a normal Kit Kat.

"So basically the original..," wrote one confused fan on @snackgator's Instagram post about the new flavor. While they got agreement from one Instagrammer, who wrote "I came here for that comment," not everyone was so quick to write it off. "Considering there is a donut flavor included, no, I'm sure it will taste different than a normal Kit Kat," responded one defender.

The timing may make consumers think it's only here for the holidays, but the new candy bar is actually a permanent addition to the Kit Kat lineup. It will be available in the regular 1.5-ounce size and 3-ounce King Size beginning November 17.

Hershey's hasn't revealed what the original creme filling is made of

Since it's so new, whether or not the new Chocolate Frosted Donut Kit Kat tastes just like a regular Kit Kat remains to be seen. Hershey's website doesn't say what the creme filling is in the original recipe; all the description says is "crisp wafers in milk chocolate." Even Hershey's isn't forthcoming. "While we make and sell Kit Kat bars in the U.S. under a global license from Nestlé, the manufacturing process for Kit Kat is proprietary under this license," a spokesperson told TODAY Food. Given the reluctance to reveal what the bar's original creme filling is, customers can be forgiven for making their own guesses.

New and trendy Kit Kat flavors are always popping up, and some, like Wasabi and European Cheese flavors, completely missed the mark. But despite some negative reviews, the company's innovation has also paid off, giving us unique new additions like Mint + Dark Chocolate, Apple Pie, and Mocha + Milk Chocolate. Unfortunately, we may never get to sample all of the hundreds of flavors available all over the world, but we've still got some worthwhile varieties here in the U.S. — only time will tell how Chocolate Frosted Donut will fare.