Takis Are The Unlikely Solution For Elevating Texture And Taste In Deviled Eggs

We all know deviled eggs are the ultimate party appetizer, but what if your go-to deviled egg recipe needs to be kicked up a notch? You could reach for the cayenne pepper or add some hot sauce, but neither adds a crunch element. Deviled eggs have a notoriously mushy texture, so adding a spicy and crunchy element can really elevate this party snack. Takis Fuego makes a great accompaniment to deviled eggs thanks to its spicy and tangy chile-lime flavor and deep, pronounced crunch.

Love em or hate em, Takis chips come in several different flavors, from sweet chili to Fuego. Fuego is the hottest level, seasoned with spicy chili pepper and lime flavor. We can thank the good people of the internet for bringing to us the Takis deviled egg mashup we didn't know we needed. Takis are blended up into dust before being added to egg yolks and mayo. The mixture is piped into the cooked egg white half and can be topped with more Takis chips for even more spicy tanginess. Aside from texture, the major noticeable difference between these and regular deviled eggs is the bright acidic red color from the Takis chips.

Takis elevate more than just eggs

If you want to avoid the most egregious deviled egg mistakes, adding unique ingredients to your recipe can really improve the final product. If you can't handle the heat of Takis directly in your egg mixture, you could simply add some crushed-up Takis on top of the eggs, much like how paprika is used in traditional deviled eggs. Even though Takis are most known as a snack item, it is not uncommon to see the chips used as an ingredient when making other foods.

Takis crumbs occasionally make an appearance in the popular Mexican street food dish elotes. Much like deviled eggs, corn on the cob is slathered in mayo and rolled in crushed pieces of Takis Fuego. The chip chunks stick to creamy fillings, which is one reason they work so well with deviled eggs. The same principle applies to mac and cheese — ground Takis can be mixed in with mac and cheese or sprinkled on top (like you'd do with breadcrumbs) for an extra spicy kick.