Costco's Massive Pecan Pies Are Back For The Holidays

The deadline for ordering Costco's Thanksgiving dinner feast is unfortunately long gone, but the big-box retailer still has just about everything you might need to pull off a successful Turkey Day. Dessert, in particular, is one area where Costco shines when the late November holiday comes around, and this week, another beloved treat finally made its grand return to stores.

"Pecan pie is back at Costco!" Instagram user @costcobuys triumphantly announced on Thursday, November 16. "These are MASSIVE!" they added, and they aren't lying. As seen in their video, these pastries clock in at around 4 pounds each, which should be more than enough to feed a crowd and still have some leftovers. The Instagram user also offered their stamp of approval on the treat, noting that the pies "have the flakiest crust, are apricot glazed, and taste SO good!" People in the comments seemed to agree, with at least one person chiming in to say they couldn't wait to get one for themselves.

Meanwhile, a number of Costco shoppers also sang the pie's praises in a Reddit thread posted on November 17. "Has the most amount of pecans per pie (not just for its size but also for density of pecans) that I've seen, so a very good deal and quite tasty," one user commented. They did, however, note that the dessert erred a bit on the sweet side, so it might be best to start with a smaller slice.

Some Costco shoppers still aren't happy about the pie's price

Shoppers are collectively excited about the annual return of Costco's massive pecan pies. There is one aspect of the seasonal dessert, however, that people weren't too happy to see again: the price.

Instagram user @costcodeals also spotted the pies at their local Costco this week, and each nutty pastry is once again going for $16.99. While this is the same price as last year, it's still a considerable markup from the 2020 price tag of $13.99. Despite having nearly two years to come to terms with the increase, the notion of shelling out nearly $17 for dessert isn't sitting right with every Costco shopper.

"Look at that price now," one person commented on @costcodeals' post, adding the shock-faced emoji to further convey how they felt about the change. "Wait why did they inflate the price now, $3 more???" asked another.

Though some shoppers are unhappy, Costco's pecan pie seems to be worth the dough, especially since making one yourself could run you upwards of $15 for pecan halves alone. Additionally, one commenter on the Reddit thread who identified themselves as one of the chain's bakery employees shared that its pecan pies and Costco's iconic pumpkin pies are all made fresh in-house. Meanwhile, the chain's apple pies, according to them, are shipped frozen to warehouses.