Miller Lite's New BeerCracker Opens Cold Ones With Holiday Cheer

Sometimes, you need a break from spiked eggnog and all of the best holiday brews during the Christmas season. For a change, you can crack open something more familiar that you may enjoy year-round. In 2022, Miller Lite embraced the Yuletide joy by giving the gift of beer with its unique Christmas Tree Keg Stand, which proved to be a viral success online. Rather than tempting Santa with a quarter-barrel keg of beer sitting under the tree again, Miller Lite has decided to go a different route with its beer-themed festivities for 2023.

It's typical for an army of classic holiday nutcrackers to appear throughout the home around this time of year, especially if you or someone in your household loves collecting them. Have you ever wondered if you could actually use nutcrackers to open nuts, only to give up in fear of breaking their wobbly wooden jaw? Your concern is legitimate, as modern nutcrackers are typically just decorative figurines without an actual function. However, Miller Lite has created its own that you can purchase on its website this Christmas season, and it can actually do some cracking, easily popping open your beer with a satisfying hiss. The Miller Lite BEERCracker wields a scepter with a can of beer on top, and it has a case of beer topped with a bow at its feet. Its cape is also adorned with hops that are shaped like the lights of a Christmas tree. Perhaps the best part about it, though, is that this beer-loving nutcracker can open bottles and cans alike.

The BEERCracker has 2 beer openers to crack open your cold one

Decked out in blue and detailed with beer in mind, Miller Lite made sure to give the BEERCracker enough festive flair to go around. Its boots are decorated with barley, the buttons are shaped like golden hops, and its hat can be removed to reveal its handy beer opener. This hideaway tool can easily crack open the lids of both cans and bottles, but it also features a second opener in the BEERCracker's mouth for easy access. For beer-heads whose passion for the taste of Miller Lite has just collided with a love for the holiday season, it could be a great gift idea or collection addition that can be purchased after November 29 for $29.95.

While there are several ways to open wine or beer without an opener, Miller Lite's BEERCracker turns this ordinary task into something much more festive and ceremonious. Besides gaining a few "oohs" and "aahs" from a crowd gathered around the Christmas tree, friends and loved ones are able to clink bottles in celebration of another great year as they exchange good tidings and fresh beer.