The Robust Red Wine That Pairs Perfectly With Cuban Sandwiches

While sandwiches and wine may not typically be thought of as a match made in foodie heaven, plenty of people like to pair wine with everything. It might almost be a game for them — what wine goes best with gummy bears? What pairs well with Captain Crunch? While we don't know the answers to those questions, we can tell you which wine goes great with a Cuban sandwich. Nicki McTague, CEO of The Infinite Monkey Theorem winery, recently revealed her pick to Mashed. She believes the sandwich pairs best with a malbec.

Well, not just any malbec. To be more specific, McTague suggests her own winery's 2021 version of this wine. While Malbec is a type of red wine that's often associated with Argentina, The Infinite Monkey Theorem uses grapes grown in Colorado. This malbec is currently priced at $30 per bottle and, as McTague describes it, is "deep and rich in color [with] earthy tones on the nose, and tannins on the finish." These qualities, she says, "make it easy to pair perfectly with a Cuban."

Other beverages also work with this 'wich

Malbec may be a good pick if you simply must have a glass of wine with your Cuban sandwich, but other wine experts offer a few more suggestions that you might prefer. Pinot noir and Beaujolais are both lighter, less tannin-heavy reds that would complement the sandwich's complex mixture of flavors without overshadowing them. Rosé also makes for a refreshingly fruity sandwich partner, and a little bit of the bubbly (as Le Champion Chris Jericho would say) goes well with just about any food you care to name — yes, even the aforementioned gummy bears and Captain Crunch.

Of course, the classic Cuban sandwich go-with isn't wine at all. Instead, it's Cuban coffee, a strong brew where the bitter bite contrasts with the slightly sweet bread and helps to cut through some of the richness of the pork and Swiss cheese used in the sandwich. Coffee and Cubanos are so good together that Cuban coffee shops may actually be some of the best places to find this sandwich.