Chili Crisp Keeps Roast Chicken Juicy While Also Adding A Punch Of Flavor

There aren't many foods that can be cooked year-round and remain seasonal. Roast chicken is a standout favorite that is not only easy to master but can be made any time of the year with a slew of ingredients. You may love a tried-and-true classic like Ina Garten's roast chicken recipe, but spice lovers may want something with a kick. Chicken is a blank canvas that can take a variety of seasonings and flavors. For those who want to turn up the heat, chili crisp adds flavor and a bit of crispy texture to the roasted chicken.

Chili crisp is loved by many for its heat and crunch. Even though chili crisp has chili in the name, the condiment doesn't have to be extremely spicy. Many chili crisps on the market combine chilis soaked in oil with garlic and MSG for a unique umami taste. However, you can make chili crisp from scratch, choosing your favorite chilis to suit your spice level. Chili crisp and chicken are a match made in heaven due to the condiment's intense flavor and oil, which ensure the bird stays nice and juicy.

Look no further than chili crisp for an easy meal

One perk of making roast chicken with chili crisp is the simplicity of ingredients. All you need to do is slather your chili crisp over the chicken and roast it in the oven. Make sure the oil gets under the skin so the meat absorbs the flavor. Of course, as with any roasted meat, you'll want to add salt before it's cooked. And, because nobody likes a dry bird, chili crisp is great for keeping chicken juicy. Chili crisp's oils permeate the skin, ensuring the chicken is moist and helping brown the outside. Golden brown, crispy skin is what roast chicken dreams are made of.

If you are tight on time or don't have an entire chicken ready to go in your fridge, then chili crisp works as a seasoning on any cut of chicken. It can be slathered on legs, breasts, or wings for a quick weeknight meal. If you have leftover rotisserie chicken lying around, simply drizzle on some chili crisp to amp up the flavor.