Pomegranate Is The Perfect Ingredient To Give New Year's Champagne Flair

New Year's festivities are chock-full of superstition surrounding food and drinks. Tradition dictates that on New Year's Day, we eat black-eyed peas to bring luck, something green for money, and pork for prosperity. However, the night before is all about the liquid diet. Popping a bottle of bubbly to ring in the new year is standard practice for many, but if you want to bring even more good energy into January, put a few pomegranate seeds in your glass before toasting to the future.

There's a reason we eat pomegranates on New Year's Eve. They symbolize good fortune, which is exactly why they make an excellent addition to your champagne. For example, in Greek culture, it's common to smash open a pomegranate on New Year's. The bigger the splatter, the more good fortune you'll experience in the next year. Pomegranates are also seen throughout Greek mythology, particularly in association with Persephone, the goddess of harvest and fertility. Incorporating pomegranate into your New Year's celebration will not only stack the odds more in your favor but will also infuse your drink with elevated fruity notes.

Transform your basic champagne with pomegranate juice or seeds

When New Year's comes around, try leveling up your bubbly by incorporating pomegranates. You can utilize these colorful symbols of fertility and good fortune in several ways. If you know how to cut a pomegranate, one option is to top off each glass of champagne with a few arils (otherwise known as seeds). This will not only add a satisfying crunch and a punch of flavor, but it will also give the champagne a nice pink tint. Just set out a bowl of pomegranate seeds on your counter or bar cart so guests can help themselves.

Another option is to make a festive French 75. This gin-based drink normally contains lemon and prosecco, but you can add in some pomegranate juice for a dash of color and fruity taste. It's key to keep citrus in the mix, though, because it balances all the flavors. You could also try other liqueurs combined with pomegranate juice and bubbly, such as elderflower or orange. Garnish the top with a few of the jewel-like seeds to bring only the best into the new year.