Australian McDonald's Big Brekkie Burger Deserves A Spot On American Menus

There are various memes across the internet about Australia's wildlife that might make you think twice about taking a trip Down Under. However, after seeing what the continent serves at its McDonald's restaurants (or Macca's), you may be ready to take on the scariest of critters just to get a bite.

From the Tim Tam chocolate McFlurry to ham and cheese toasties, McDonald's in Australia offers several delectable eats you can't find north of the equator. If there's one thing from Macca's that we wish we could bring back to the ole U.S. of A., it would have to be the Big Brekkie Burger.

A mouthwatering amalgamation of McDonald's beloved breakfast and lunch menus, this massive handheld features an Australian beef hamburger patty topped with a hashbrown, bacon, cheese, and one of those signature round, freshly-cracked eggs. The components are piled high between a sesame seed bun and doused in barbecue sauce, creating an a.m. meal that Aussie YouTuber Greg's Kitchen said they could "hardly fault."

"All the flavors really mix in well together, and you can taste every one of them really well," they said in a review video posted shortly after the breakfast sammie debuted in 2018. The YouTuber particularly enjoyed the addition of barbeque sauce, which they said gave the burger some "depth," ultimately giving the Big Brekkie Burger an impressive 9.1 out of 10 score.

With the right timing, you can DIY a Big Brekkie Burger

McDonald's has long been a fan-favorite spot for breakfast, but after learning about McDonald's Australia's Big Brekkie Burger, we can't help but feel like the rest of the world is getting the short end of the stick. However, with a bit of strategy, there is a way for those outside of the continent to get their hands on the towering sando.

As those well-versed in McDonald's lore likely know, most U.S.-based restaurants typically switch from breakfast to lunch around 10:30 a.m. Yet, legend has it, if you visit the drive-thru shortly after the changeover, you might be able to snag everything you need to DIY a Big Brekkie Burger.

Timing is key, as you want to show up to your local Mickey D's at precisely 10:30 a.m. when there are fresh lunch menu items on the grill and a few leftovers from breakfast. Once you get to the restaurant, you can try asking for the secret menu item by its U.S. name, the McBrunch Burger, or order an Egg McMuffin (with an optional substitution of two half-strips of regular bacon in place of Canadian bacon), a hashbrown, a plain Quarter Pounder with cheese, and a side of barbeque sauce. Once you have everything, combine all of the fixings into a single sandwich, and you're ready to chow down Aussie style.