McDonald's Australia Has A Line Of Grilled Cheese Toasties On Its Menu

When you're on the go and need to whip up a quick and easy bite, nothing quite hits the spot like a crispy, melty grilled cheese. You can go for simplicity, or take advantage of its versatility by using more than one type of cheese, or even bring it to the next level by loading it with other sandwich-worthy ingredients. However, some cheese lovers would agree that a grilled cheese from a restaurant always tastes better, so we're more than a little envious of McDonald's Australia for the several varieties available on its menu. For those ordering Down Under, not one but five different versions, ranging from simple classics to sandwiches with meaty layers, await them at the Golden Arches. Even McDonald's name for its grilled cheese sandwiches is more fun to say.

Typically, grilled cheeses are called jaffles in Australia, named for the type of iron used to make them. However, the country's McDonald's menu lists them as "toasties," which is what Brits call them, with the key difference being that the inside is buttered instead of the outside. Whatever you call them, this nostalgic dish is always a crowd-pleaser. McDonald's Australia's line of toasties might still be a long way from gourmet, but they still have a fancy edge. Each sandwich is made with fluffy sourdough bread that delivers the satisfying crunch that should always be a part of the grilled cheese experience.

Australians can try McDonald's toasties with ham, bacon, or tomato

Most people who have ordered comfort food at American fast food chains can recall a time when they purchased food based on a chain's mouthwatering advertisements, only for the meal to come out of the bag looking squashed. Still edible, just disappointingly deflated. Apparently, at McDonald's Australia, this isn't the case with its toasties. Some American tourists have reported they are quite happy with how thick and juicy they are (even if the bottom does get a little soggy the longer it sits). Apart from the classic cheese toasty, the menu includes variations with Aussie jack cheese, BBQ sauce and bacon, and layers of ham and tomato sitting atop all that melty cheese. Each grilled cheese is affordably priced at around $2 to $4 USD.

Also on McDonald's Australia's unique menu is a wide selection of baked goods you can order from the McCafé, like chocolate donuts, banana bread, crumbly dessert muffins, and even macarons to pair with a cheesy toasty. All we Americans can do is wistfully sigh and ask, "When is it our turn?"