Fireball Gets 'Fancy' With Champagne Bottle, Glass Flutes, And Caviar

When you think of flavored whisky, the first images that come to mind are probably of late nights at the bar or college frat parties, not fancy soirees or holiday dinners with the family. Fireball Whisky has decided that perception needs to change. After introducing Fireball Dragnum in August, the brand decided the sleek, champagne-style bottle was the perfect centerpiece for its new, exclusive holiday package — the Fireball Dragnum Classy Collection.

Two crystal shot glass flutes, Dragon Egg Caviar, and a giant bottle of Fireball Dragnum packaged in a sleek gift box might give anyone the impression that this is a subdued version of Fireball, but you would be mistaken. The crystal champagne flutes are shot glasses sitting on elegant stems. And the caviar? Those convinced that cinnamon liqueur would be the worst spirit to pair with caviar needn't worry. The texture and appearance of this "caviar" may fool some, but the cinnamon flavor and lack of fish eggs end the charade quickly. This "champagne" may have the traditional wire cage, foil wrapping, and cork-like topper of our favorite bubbly drink, but one sip of the classic spicy sweet taste provides the warmth that only comes from Fireball Whisky.

The collection is limited to one purchase per customer

Fireball has been on a roll throughout 2023, upping its game with barrel-aged cinnamon whiskey and releasing items no one knew they needed until they suddenly appeared in their Instagram or Facebook feed. Whether it's a FireKeg, a Fireball Cinnamon Delight RED Lipstick inspired by Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, or a Fireball onesie, sharing or showing your love for your favorite cinnamon-flavored whisky shot has never been easier.

That Fireball Cinnamon Whisky isn't technically whisky due to its lower ABV of 33% hasn't dulled its popularity. The limited-edition Fireball Dragnum Classy Collection goes on sale at 10 a.m. EST on December 12 and can be purchased online at ReserveBar for $50 plus taxes and fees. The gift set is even suitable for vegan and vegetarian friends and family, as the "caviar" contains no gelatin. While you may want to purchase multiple as gifts, ReserveBar limits you to one per customer. For those who miss out on the Classy Collection, the 1.75-liter Fireball Dragnum will also be available to purchase for $24.99 throughout the season and into 2024.