Whipped Cream Cheese Is What Your Party Dip Is Missing

Whipped cream cheese is one of the great food spread innovations today. Effectively plain cream cheese that's whipped with an electric mixer or whisk to fill it with more air, it's the reason cream cheese is often better in bagel shops compared to the bricks you buy at the supermarket. All the extra air inside whipped cream cheese takes it from dense and stiff to light and easy to spread, making it a versatile ingredient in frostings, sandwiches, and — you guessed it — party dips!

You may have seen appetizer spreads at parties that are simply mounds of regular cream cheese coated in sweet or savory toppings. These are nice, but they usually require a butterknife so that guests can cut a bit of cream cheese and apply it to their crackers or chips.

Whipped cream cheese helps to solve that issue since it's light enough to scoop with fragile crackers and chips. This elevates cream-cheese-based party dips to the same level as other appetizing favorites like hummus, salsa, and guacamole. Nobody can resist an easy-to-scoop party dip, especially with great flavor combinations that use whipped cream cheese as the base.

Ways to use whipped cream cheese in party dips

Whipped cream cheese isn't just versatile because of its texture; it tastes good in many different flavor combinations. Make a dip that's classic Americana by taking BLT ingredients (bacon, lettuce, and tomato), dicing them up, and arranging them atop a bed of whipped cream cheese. For a dip that's reminiscent of New York deli flavors, try cream cheese whipped with smoked salmon and capers, or create a take on an everything bagel dip with sesame seeds and garlic chips. For a simple dip that's great with veggies, add your favorite seasoning packet, like French onion or ranch.

Dessert fans are also in luck because cream cheese works equally well in sweet applications. Instead of a savory snack dip that uses tortilla chips or crackers, make a sweet and creamy dip for fresh fruit. To balance the natural tang of the cream cheese, whip it with some heavy whipping cream and fine granulated sugar or maple syrup. To give your dessert dip a pop of color, whip in strawberries or blueberries using a food processor to ensure everything is fully incorporated. Serve this with an assortment of colorful fruits or Biscoff cookies for the perfect finish at your next dinner party.