The Aldi Broccoli Bake Customers Called 'Soupy'

Aldi has been sprucing up its selection of frozen veggies with Season's Choice Broccoli Bake for several years. A major player in the days of the viral three-ingredient dinner that the internet couldn't stop talking about a few years back, the product typically makes its seasonal freezer section appearance during the winter months, and boasts a simple description: "broccoli with creamy cheese sauce."

Sounds fairly tasty, right? Reddit user u/hippos_rool seemed to think so after spotting the broccoli bake at their local Aldi. However, after preparing the dish, they discovered that what they were about to dig into was far from what they expected. "Massive disappointment," the Redditor declared. What was the reason behind their harsh words? For starters, they took issue with the size of the frozen dish, saying it was far from the five 1.25-cup servings the nutrition label suggested was inside the bag.

Additionally, the Reddit user – as well as several others – found that the overall consistency of the product was off. "It was definitely soupy. We ended up putting it over rice and it was still really runny," u/hippos_rool commented further down the thread. Another Redditor concurred, writing, "Yea it was basically broccoli soup. Not a bake."

Aldi shoppers have been complaining about the broccoli bake's texture for years

Aldi shoppers usually sing praises about the groceries offered at the low-budget chain. However, in the case of its seasonal broccoli bake, the conversation has largely been the opposite. Members of the Aldi fandom have been sharing their thoughts on the dish long before Reddit user u/hippos_rool's post this year, and let's just say the bad outweighs the good.

"Don't get me wrong. I [love] most of my [A]ldi purchases. But this broccoli bake is terrible ... This is more like broccoli soup!" wrote one member of the Community Facebook group in 2020. In addition to its soupy texture, some shoppers have found that the broccoli bake had an off-putting, slightly sweet taste. This could be chalked up to nutmeg in the dish, which one Redditor said made it taste like eggnog.

Of course, there is some positive feedback on the internet about Aldi's broccoli bake, as well as some suggestions for improving it. Some shoppers said baking it for longer than the packaging suggests could help cure its runniness, while others have offered the idea of sprinkling bread crumbs and shredded cheese to thicken it up. Additionally, mixing in rice, pasta, or even more broccoli florets could also help even out the dish's soupy texture.