The 3-Ingredient Aldi Dinner The Internet Can't Stop Talking About

Aldi, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways. We love your low, low pricescheap milk, cheap meat, and even cheap, yet award-winning, wine. We love your Aldi exclusive brands (some of them European imports) that take generic to a level we never dreamed possible. We love, love, love those weekly Special Buys. We also love how you always do the right thing by your employees as well as your shoppers. And we absolutely adore just how convenient you are. Just like your cousin Trader Joe's (only better!), you're a one-stop shop for quick, easy, and utterly delicious dinners with hardly any planning required, since inspiration strikes as we stroll your aisles.

In fact, Aldi, we love you so darn much that we even create online communities dedicated to extolling your numerous virtues. And one such community, the Australian-based Aldi Mums group, has recently shared with the world one amazing dinner recipe using just three ingredients. (All of them bought at Aldi, of course.)

Aldi's dinnertime 1-2-3

According to Australia's 7News, a mum named Candace revealed her husband's super-easy Aldi dinner hack. He took some cooked spaghetti and chicken and simply tossed them together with Aldi's Season's Choice Broccoli Bake, a dish consisting of the named veggie swimming in a creamy cheese sauce. His proud wife boasted that this dish, which is as easy as it is cheesy, was "restaurant quality." Evidently the kiddies all scoffed (Aussie for scarfed) it down, while she herself confessed: " I had to loosen my jeans I ate so much!"

Some other mums were jealous that she had such a creative hubby, as well as one willing to do the cooking, but they all seemed to agree that this was a recipe worth swiping — and worth sharing. It's since gone viral, giving the world one more thing to love about Aldi.

BTW, if you're not so much of a broccoli fan, and/or you prefer your food on the monochromatic side, you can also make this dish with Aldi's Cauliflower Bake. Or perhaps there's something else in Aldi's freezer case that will strike your fancy, and allow you to create the internet's next viral recipe sensation. With Aldi, the sky really is the limit.