Food Writer Bill Granger, 'King Of Breakfast,' Dead At 54

Beloved Australian chef, food writer, and restaurateur Bill Granger passed away on December 25, 2023. He was 54 years old. While his cause of death is yet unknown, a statement posted to Granger's Instagram that day said that he died peacefully in a London hospital surrounded by his family. "He will be remembered as the 'King of Breakfast', for making unpretentious food into something special," the statement read, "And for spurring the growth of Australian informal and communal eating around the world."

In addition to his influence on the restaurant and food industries, his friends and loved ones remember him for his kindness and warmth. "He was the loveliest man, and the joy he gave us — whether through his food, his books, the spaces he made for us, or in person — came from the kindness, generosity and sheer shining exuberance of his very self," British food writer and T.V. cook Nigella Lawson wrote in an Instagram post.

Granger is survived by his wife Natalie Elliott and their three daughters, Eddie, Ines, and Bunny. "His loss [will be] most profoundly felt by his adored family, who are grateful for all the love and support that has been given," the statement on Granger's Instagram concluded.

Granger was an accomplished chef and restaurateur

A prolific restaurateur, Granger began his 30-year run in the restaurant business at 21 when he dropped out of college and opened Bills, a breakfast cafe in Sydney, Australia, where the self-taught chef wowed crowds with his creative breakfast fare. Referred to by many as "the Godfather of avocado toast," Granger is often credited with turning the simple dish into a global breakfast sensation.

Alongside his wife Natalie, Granger went on to find global success, opening a chain of restaurants called Granger & Co. that now spans across Australia, London, Japan, and Korea. A favorite of Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga, Granger & Co. brought the chef's fun, fresh take on brunch to new markets. He penned 14 cookbooks and made several T.V. series, including "Bill's Food," a well-received cooking series that aired in 22 countries and was nominated for an Astra Award in 2007. Bill Granger's impact on the world was officially recognized in January 2023, when he was honored with the Medal of the Order of Australia, an achievement award the Australian government granted him for his contributions to tourism and hospitality.