Turn Hawaiian Rolls Into French Toast And Thank Us Later

Out of all the tips for elevating French toast out there, few matter more than those relating to the foundation of this dish: the bread. If you've tried everything to find the best bread for French toast, you might have overlooked one fan-favorite brand, probably because it's a pack of rolls instead of a sliced loaf.

Hawaiian rolls get plenty of love when the time comes to craft the perfect sliders or find a rich substitute for dinner rolls, as they're already infused with a buttery flavor that's pretty satisfying on its own. The most popular kind lining grocery store shelves is King's Hawaiian Bread, and these bite-sized rolls happen to work wonders when made into sweet and savory French toast. To prepare the dish, breakfast lovers don't even have to worry about changing up any of their favorite ingredients. They can simply make the dish as usual with eggs, milk, cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla extract.

If you're aiming to add more flavor complexity when making Hawaiian rolls into French toast, however, some people include extra goodies. You can add half-and-half, brown sugar, or even fill your rolls with a fruity cream filling.

Poke holes in your Hawaiian rolls for even cooking

After whisking up your French toast mixture, the rolls are submerged so they can absorb all the flavors. Because Hawaiian rolls are extra thick and fluffy, though, plunging them into an egg wash the way you would a flat slice of bread isn't going to achieve the same results. That's why it's important to poke a few holes through each roll with a toothpick before dipping them quickly. Any longer than 30 seconds and the rolls may become too soggy.

Some home cooks may opt for almond milk rather than cow's milk to achieve a higher sweetness level. In terms of other swaps, King's Hawaiian offers several different variants of its fan-favorite rolls, so the flavor of the base is up to you. In particular, the brand's sweet rolls would no doubt create a deliciously rich base, though its classic Savory Butter flavor is always a fan favorite. If you aren't making Hawaiian roll French toast on the stove, using an air fryer will produce equally mouthwatering results. Dust them with powdered sugar and drench them in syrup, and you might never return to regular French toast again.