January Aldi Finds To Refresh Your Kitchen For 2024

The Aldi Finds aisle has found its share of diehard fans. Whether it's because of a cute mini waffle maker customers didn't know they needed or a limited-edition box of Cookie Dough and Peanut Butter & Jelly Frooze Balls, walking into the store to see what new items are available for a particular week can be a real highlight for shoppers.

With the approach of 2024 comes the usual batch of goodies to encourage and motivate all those with New Year's resolutions, whether to replace that decade-old shower curtain liner or invest in some kettlebells and dumbbells to get our exercise goal on track. But for those looking to simplify or spruce up your kitchen, Aldi has many items for that in the coming weeks.

While folks may still use the Crofton Titanium Knife Set that they might have picked up in June, and the Huntington Home Pumpkin Timberwick Candle provided the warm, comforting scent of fall well into the holiday season, it's the beginning of a new year, and Aldi's January 2024 kitchen items are what folks can look forward to now. From attractive and practical reusable storage containers to affordable juicers and milk frothers, the newest Aldi Finds could inspire us all to gussy up our kitchens.

Huntington Home Apothecary Glass Jar Set

While we may be more inclined to think of it as a candle company thanks to its deliciously scented candles and winter Candle Wax Warmer Set, Huntington makes other home items as well. The Home Apothecary Glass Jar Set will be one of the first new kitchen products available for the new year, coming to stores on January 3. For $9.99, customers can choose between a clear glass jar set containing three sizes, or an iridescent quilted glass pattern jar set in two sizes.

Ambiano Milk Frother or Frothing Pitcher

Aldi shoppers who missed the various coffee tools sold in January of 2022 are getting a second chance to remedy that with the return of the Ambiano Milk Frothers and Frothing Pitchers on January 17. Unfortunately, Ambiano's Automatic Milk Frothers don't appear to be returning. Still, for $7.99, coffee and latte drinkers can pick up a black, blue, or white handheld Milk Frother or a stainless steel Frothing Pitcher.

Crofton Stoneware Canister

For those looking for new kitchen containers, Crofton Stoneware Canisters will return on January 17 for $9.99, surprisingly $4 less than when they were available in 2022. The practical vessels are white with a wooden lid and are labeled to hold your coffee, sugar, and flour. They also contain a spoon attached to the side for easy scooping.

Huntington Home Bag or Wrap Organizer

Many of us keep our trifecta of wax paper, aluminum foil, and plastic wrap squeezed in a drawer with other items, but Aldi has something else you could use to store them: the Huntington Home Wrap Organizer. It can be hung on the wall, set upright on your countertop, or even put back inside the drawer as a more tidy way to keep your wraps. For those with an excess of bags, the second option is the Home Bag Organizer. Both are $14.99 and will appear in stores on January 10.

Ambiano 3 Qt Digital Air Fryer

The second Ambiano kitchen product coming to Aldi stores is a 3-quart Digital Air Fryer. It will be available on January 24 for $39.99. There have been many different-sized Ambiano air fryers sold at the store in the past with mixed reviews. A Redditor who bought a 2020 version was pleased with it, reporting back two years later that it was still working. But in another post, a different user complained that the non-stick coating had flaked off within six months of purchasing, and the company allegedly said the issue wasn't covered under the warranty. 

Crofton 10 Cast Iron Deep Skillet

When it comes to cast iron, people who love it never cease raving to anyone who will listen about how awesome it is for cooking. Whether making pancakes, steak, or fried chicken, many fans believe cast iron is superior to stainless steel. For those interested in trying it out, Crofton's 10-inch Cast Iron Deep Skillet for $12.99 may be the intro you're looking for. Coming to stores on January 24, Crofton's cookware has proven to be popular with Aldi customers and generally doesn't last long on the shelf.

Huntington Home Washable 2' x 6' Runner

A vibrant and washable rug can go a long way in revitalizing a room, and Aldi has the solution if your kitchen floor could use a new covering. On January 10, the Huntington Home Washable Runners will begin rolling out in stores for $18.99. The 2 feet by 6 feet rugs come in four styles: gray abstract, millennial patterns, blue shapes, and dusty brown traditional.

Ambiano 2 Slice Toaster

With the plethora of other kitchen appliances, it's unsurprising that toasters have been sidelined. But there are so many ways to use your toaster that you probably haven't tried, like making grilled cheese, warming up pizza, or heating garlic bread. Aldi's Ambiano 2 Slice Toaster has a retro feel, but with buttons for bagels and gluten-free items, it has a modern upgrade. Available January 31 for $19.99, the simple-looking toaster comes in blue, black, or white.

Crofton Bamboo Divided Serving Board

Whether you are having guests over and playing the part of the host, or you're laying food out on a countertop for people to serve themselves, everything looks a bit classier if it's laid out on a serving tray. Bonus points if the serving tray has divided sections for placing different snacks, vegetables, fruits, and dips. The Crofton Bamboo Divided Serving Board checks all the boxes you're looking for and even has an extended handle to make carrying it easier. It can be purchased for $12.99 on January 24, with the option of either five or six sections.

Huntington Home Glass Coffee Candle

Coffee aficionados can rejoice. Not only do they have the Ambiano Milk Frothers and Steaming Pitchers to create foam for their beverage and Crofton Stoneware Canisters to hold your coffee beans, but a coffee-scented candle for day or night. That's right: The Huntington Home Glass Coffee Candle will fill your room or whole home with the glorious scent of Dirty Chai Coffee, Milk Chocolate Mocha, or Vanilla Affogato. Coming to your local Aldi store on January 17, each candle resides in a coffee mug-shaped glass, and the top inch of the candle gives the impression of a thick foamy layer. Each candle costs. $4.99.

Ambiano Premium Nutrition Blender

To satisfy those who have vowed to make more healthy smoothies, the Ambiano Premium Nutrition Blender will come to Aldi on January 31 for $29.99. Customers can purchase it in blue or black. The product is popular and has been a recurring Aldi Find, appearing in the January 2020 Aldi Finds Sneak Peek Ad. Like some other Ambiano appliances, the Nutrition Blender seems to be hit or miss. For instance, one Redditor wrote in a thread, "Very satisfied and totally recommend," two others commented that the seals on blenders kept popping out.

Huntington Home Bamboo Baskets

A lot of us are probably seeking tidier kitchen organization, whether it's for our pantry, countertops, or cupboards. The Huntington Home Bamboo Baskets, coming January 31, are intended to help you get some of those various items in order. They could come in handy under the sink to organize your dish soap, garbage bags, and cleaning supplies. Perhaps they would also be useful for keeping lower cupboard and pantry items from spilling all over. For $9.99, it sounds like a start.