The Aldi German Luxury Cakes Social Media Says Are A Dinner Table Must

Aldi shoppers are continuously delighted by the company's new selections of affordable food finds. Just like many other retailers, the store often cycles through different products, depending on the season. One of the returning finds that has customers drooling are the German Luxury cakes. The frozen cakes have made appearances before and have been well received, but they don't last long on the shelves. The cakes, which look like they came straight from a bakery, have customers raving about the taste and texture of each of the different flavors.

The German Luxury Cakes for 2023 are available in three flavors: Marzipan Mousse, Triple Chocolate Mousse, and Cherry Chocolate Chip. Each cake is layered with mousse, cake, and a flavored glaze. The triple chocolate mousse cake incorporates white, bittersweet, and milk chocolate, while the cherry chocolate chip cake has a cherry glaze enrobing the chocolate chip cherry cake. For a more European feel, the marzipan cake is infused with almond-flavored mousse and covered with more marzipan. Each cake is decorated with matching sprinkles, making it look much more high-end than a standard grocery store dessert. Customers have already taken to social media to share their enthusiasm for the sweet treat.

Customers share the love equally for the cakes

Each of the German luxury cakes from Aldi comes frozen and weighs a little less than 1.5 pounds. The cake can be stored in the freezer and taken out to thaw three to four hours prior to serving. There's no suggested serving size, but it does list the calories and sugar content for ⅛ of a cake, implying this can serve eight people. People on Reddit shared that the cake was a tad bit small, so it's really up to the people enjoying it to determine just how big of a slice they can handle.

One person shared their immense love for the cakes, writing, "I discovered this cake like 3 years ago and buy at least 3 every time they make an appearance. It is the most delicious cake aldis sells. I'm obsessed." The price point of only $8.99 per cake gives customers an upscale-looking dessert without paying hefty bakery prices. "I can't afford a German luxury car, so this will do nicely," one commenter quipped. As for differences in the cakes, it really depends on personal preference. For those who dislike marzipan or almond flavoring, the chocolate or chocolate cherry cake may be a better choice. If you're indecisive, you can stock up on all three before they disappear.